Chery Malaysia Identifies Root Cause of Omoda 5 Rear Axle Issue, Recalls 600 Units

Chery Malaysia recalls 600 Omoda 5 units due to a rear axle issue caused by a miscalibrated welding machine. The company has identified the root cause and is working with authorities to replace affected components and ensure public safety.

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Chery Malaysia Identifies Root Cause of Omoda 5 Rear Axle Issue, Recalls 600 Units

Chery Malaysia Identifies Root Cause of Omoda 5 Rear Axle Issue, Recalls 600 Units

Chery Malaysia has issued its third public statement regarding the widely circulated Omoda 5 rear axle case that surfaced on social media on April 28. The company has identified the root cause of the issue as a miscalibrated welding machine resulting from a facility upgrade and is recalling 600 units of the Omoda 5 model.

Why this matters: This recall highlights the importance of rigorous quality control measures in the automotive industry, as faulty components can pose a significant risk to road safety. The swift response by Chery Malaysia and the RTD sets a precedent for proactive measures to ensure public safety in the face of manufacturing defects.

The Road Transport Department has issued an immediate recall notice for the affected vehicles. Chery Malaysia initially identified 60 units produced on August 15, 2023 as impacted, but has expanded the recall to a total of 600 units manufactured between August 14 and 17. As of May 3, the company has contacted 32 of the initial 60 affected owners.

Chery Malaysia Vice President Lee Wen Hsiang explained the cause, stating,"Following a comprehensive investigation, the vendor reported that the issue was due to a facility upgrade during which a worn-out tip of the automated welding machine was replaced by a new welding tip. The replacement of the new welding tip resulted in a miscalibration of the equipment."

The RTD has summoned Chery Corporate Malaysia Sdn Bhd to conduct a thorough investigation and gather additional information to ensure the safety of vehicle owners and road users. Affected owners will be contacted by the company to schedule inspection slots at any service center nationwide or can opt for walk-in inspections. Any impacted components will be replaced, with all costs covered by Chery Corporate Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

The RTD emphasized its commitment to overseeing the recall process, ensuring that all affected units are thoroughly inspected, confirmed safe, and undergo the necessary axle replacement procedure. Chery Malaysia has set up a dedicated website for Omoda 5 users to confirm if their vehicle is affected by entering their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The company is working closely with the Ministry of Transport to ensure the rectification of all affected vehicles to the highest safety standards and will provide weekly updates on the recall program.

The Omoda 5 rear axle issue first came to light on April 28 when a video shared by an owner showed the vehicle encountering damage while driving. Chery Malaysia acknowledged the issue in its initial statement on April 29 and officially issued a recall for 600 units on April 30. With the root cause now identified and the recall process underway, Chery Malaysia aims to swiftly address the safety concerns and restore confidence in its Omoda 5 model.

Key Takeaways

  • Chery Malaysia recalls 600 Omoda 5 units due to rear axle issue.
  • Miscalibrated welding machine caused the defect during facility upgrade.
  • RTD issues immediate recall notice, ensuring public safety.
  • Affected owners to be contacted for inspection and replacement.
  • Dedicated website set up for owners to check if their vehicle is affected.