At least 13 Killed as Heavy Rains Unleash Landslide in Northern Haiti

Heavy rains in northern Haiti caused a landslide, killing at least 13 people and flooding over 2,200 homes, particularly in Cap-Haïtien. The flooding has exacerbated the country's humanitarian crisis, damaging infrastructure and livelihoods, with additional rain expected in the coming days.

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Deadly Floods Ravage Northern Haiti, Claiming 13 Lives

At least 13 Killed as Heavy Rains Unleash Landslide in Northern Haiti

At least 13 people have died and over 2,200 homes have been flooded in northern Haiti, particularly in the coastal city of Cap-Haïtien, following two days of heavy rains. The majority of the deaths were caused by a landslide in the southeastern region of Cap-Haïtien, as reported by Haiti's Civil Protection Agency on Thursday.

Why this matters: The devastating floods in northern Haiti exacerbate the already dire humanitarian crisis in the country, which is struggling with gang violence, political turmoil, and a lack of essential supplies. The situation highlights the urgent need for international aid and support to address the country's critical infrastructure and humanitarian needs.

The heavy downpours destroyed a home in the southern part of the city, Barrière Bouteille, which then took out two other homes below it. In addition to the loss of life, the floods have resulted in significant damage to property and infrastructure. Over 2,200 houses have been flooded and 15 houses damaged. Livestock losses have been substantial, with many animals washed away by the flooded Haut-Cap river.

The flooding has devastated farms in Cerca la Source in Central Haiti. The regional departments of the Grand'Anse, Nippes, South, Southeast, West, and Center have been the most affected by the rains. Crews are currently working to clear roads across northern Haiti to facilitate access and relief efforts. However, additional rain is expected in the upcoming days, which may exacerbate the already dire situation.

The heavy rains have also impacted neighboring Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory. At least a dozen flights scheduled to land in San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital, were rerouted to the Dominican Republic and elsewhere due to the adverse weather conditions. Widespread flooding has been reported across Puerto Rico as well.

The flooding has compounded the toll of an already dire humanitarian crisis in Haiti, which has been grappling with gang violence and political turmoil. Theinternational airportin Port-au-Prince has been closed to commercial air traffic since March 4, leading to shortages of essential supplies like medicines, food, fuel, and humanitarian aid. Over 100,000 people have fled the capital for other parts of the country, resulting in hospitals running out of supplies and store shelves going bare.

The United Nations has struggled to raise the $674 million needed for the humanitarian response in Haiti, with only 8% of the requested funds having been raised so far. The flooding has damaged critical infrastructure in the north, including the Marcellus bridge in the center of Cap-Haïtien. Clogged sewers and trash piles have also played a role in flooding homes and streets. The Office of Civil Protection has reported damage to homes and livelihoods in rural communities, with significant losses in livestock.

The deadly floods in northern Haiti have claimed at least 13 lives, flooded over 2,200 homes, and caused widespread damage to infrastructure and livelihoods. As crews work to clear roads and provide relief, the threat of additional rain looms, potentially worsening the already catastrophic situation. The flooding has further strained Haiti's ongoing humanitarian crisis, underscoring the urgent need for international aid and support.

Key Takeaways

  • At least 13 people killed in northern Haiti due to heavy rains and landslides.
  • Over 2,200 homes flooded, 15 houses damaged, and significant livestock losses.
  • Flooding exacerbated Haiti's humanitarian crisis, already plagued by gang violence and political turmoil.
  • Only 8% of the $674 million needed for humanitarian response in Haiti has been raised.
  • Additional rain expected, threatening to worsen the situation and highlighting the need for international aid.