Flash Floods and Landslides Claim 31 Lives in Indonesia's South Sulawesi

Flash floods and landslides in Indonesia's South Sulawesi province have claimed at least 31 lives over three weeks, causing widespread damage and disruption. Rescue teams have been deployed to evacuate affected residents, with multiple areas affected and several bridges and roads damaged or destroyed.

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Flash Floods and Landslides Claim 31 Lives in Indonesia's South Sulawesi

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Devastating flash floods and landslides triggered by prolonged heavy rains have claimed at least 31 lives in Indonesia's eastern province of South Sulawesi over the past three weeks. The latest disasters occurred in six regencies, including Luwu, Enrekang, Sidrap, Wajo, Pinrang, and Soppeng, causing widespread damage and disruption.

Why this matters: The frequent occurrence of natural disasters in Indonesia highlights the need for improved disaster preparedness and infrastructure development in the region. The impact of these disasters can have long-term effects on the local economy and population, making it essential to address the root causes and develop effective response strategies.

In Luwu Regency, a landslide early on Friday morning claimed the lives of seven people: Rumpak (97), Jatima (55), Rima (84), Muhammad Misdar (29), Mawi (57), Sukma (9), and Kapila (84). The tragedy struck Buntu Serek Village in Latimojong District, located at the foot of Mount Latimojong.

Meanwhile, flash floods in Sidrap Regency took the life of H Ali, a resident of Belawa Village in Pitu Riase District. The floodwaters inundated residents' homes and damaged several facilities, paralyzing the Trans-Sulawesi axis route until Friday evening.

The disasters have affected multiple areas across South Sulawesi. In Enrekang, landslides at several points paralyzed roads connecting to Sidrap, Pinrang, and Toraja. Wajo saw many residents forced to seek safety on the roofs of their houses while awaiting evacuation assistance. The heavy rains caused several rivers and Lake Tempe to overflow, exacerbating the situation in Sidrap and Wajo.

In response to the crisis, dozens of rescue teams from Basarnas Makassar, Bone, and Palopo offices have been deployed to carry out evacuations. The floods have damaged or swept away five bridges and cut off several sections of roads due to landslides, complicating rescue efforts.

Key Takeaways

  • 31 people killed in flash floods and landslides in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
  • 6 regencies affected, including Luwu, Enrekang, and Sidrap.
  • Landslides and floods caused widespread damage, disrupting roads and bridges.
  • Rescue teams deployed to evacuate residents, with 5 bridges damaged or swept away.
  • Acting Governor calls for coordination to aid affected residents.