McCanns Mark 17 PainfulYearsSince Madeleine's Disappearance

Kate and Gerry McCann mark 17 years since their daughter Madeleine's disappearance from a Portuguese holiday apartment in 2007. Despite an extensive investigation, no trace of Madeleine has been found, with the probe costing over £13.2 million to date.

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McCanns Mark 17 PainfulYearsSince Madeleine's Disappearance

McCanns Mark 17 PainfulYearsSince Madeleine's Disappearance

On May 3, 2024, Kate and Gerry McCann shared a poignant message as they marked the 17th anniversary of their daughter Madeleine's disappearance. Madeleine vanished from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007, when she was just three years old. Despite an extensive investigation that has spanned nearly two decades, no trace of the missing girl has been found.

Why this matters: The Madeleine McCann case has sparked a global conversation about child safety and the need for increased vigilance in preventing abductions. The ongoing investigation and its significant cost also raise questions about the allocation of resources in high-profile missing persons cases.

"It's 17 years since Madeleine was taken from us," they wrote. "It's hard to even say that number without shaking our heads in disbelief. Whilst we are fortunate in many ways and able to live a relatively normal and enjoyable life now, the 'living in limbo' is still very unsettling. And the absence still aches."

"Your support continues to encourage us and bolsters our strength to keep going," they said. "We know the love and hope for Madeleine and the will to find her, even after so many years, remains, and we are truly thankful for that."

The search for Madeleine has been one of the most high-profile missing persons cases in recent history. British and Portuguese authorities have dedicated significant resources to the investigation, known as Operation Grange, which was launched by Scotland Yard in 2011. As of March 2024, the probe has cost over £13.2 million. The Home Office recently granted an additional £192,000 in funding to support the ongoing efforts.

In recent years, investigators have focused their attention on Christian Brueckner, a 47-year-old German national currently serving a prison sentence for unrelated sex offenses. German authorities named Brueckner as a suspect in 2020, citing his history of crimes against children and his presence in the Praia da Luz area around the time of Madeleine's disappearance. However, despite the identification of a prime suspect, no charges have been brought, and Madeleine's fate remains unknown.

TheMcCannshave not given up hope. They continue to work tirelessly to keep their daughter's story in the public eye and maintain the search for answers. Their resilience and determination in the face of unimaginable heartache serve as a demonstration of the enduring power of a parent's love.

Madeleine's disappearance has captured worldwide attention, sparking countless theories, documentaries, and even false claims of resolution. Yet, amidst the noise and speculation, the focus remains on finding the truth about what happened to the little girl who vanished without a trace.

The McCanns hold onto the hope that one day they will have answers and that Madeleine will be found. Until then, they remain committed to keeping her memory alive and advocating for the search to continue, no matter how long it takes.

Truly, a heartbreaking update from the family.

Key Takeaways

  • Kate and Gerry McCann mark 17th anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance.
  • Madeleine vanished from Portugal in 2007 at age 3; no trace found.
  • Investigation, Operation Grange, has cost over £13.2 million so far.
  • Christian Brueckner, a German national, is a prime suspect but no charges.
  • The McCanns remain hopeful and committed to finding answers.