25-Year-Old Angolan Farmer Produces 8 Tons of Tomatoes Daily

Tomato entrepreneur Mário Manuvakola Evaristo, 25, produces 8 tons daily, employs 80 people, and seeks government support to expand his thriving agribusiness in Angola.

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25-Year-Old Angolan Farmer Produces 8 Tons of Tomatoes Daily

25-Year-Old Angolan Farmer Produces 8 Tons of Tomatoes Daily

Mário Manuvakola Kuvala Evaristo, a 25-year-old tomato producer from the village of Chivinda in Angola's Huambo province, is making significant progress in the country's agricultural sector. Evaristo currently sells around 8 tons of tomatoes per day from his farm to markets in the provinces of Benguela, Luanda, and Huambo.

The young farmer started producing tomatoes at the age of 15 and now grows three varieties - Chico, Menga, and Rio Grande - with an investment of 20 million kwanzas. The prices for his tomatoes vary by province, with a box selling for 20,000 kwanzas in Benguela and 25,000 kwanzas in Luanda.

Evaristo's tomato production operation employs 80 people, mostly women. To further increase his output, he has requested government support in the form of agricultural credit, subsidies for fertilizers, insecticides, and seeds, as well as assistance with land concession titles and feasibility studies.

Why this matters: Evaristo's success story emphasizes the potential for young entrepreneurs to make a significant impact in Angola's agricultural sector. His thriving tomato production not only contributes to the country's food supply but also creates employment opportunities, particularly for women in rural areas.

The 25-year-old producer's ambitious plans to expand his operation with government support could serve as a model for other young farmers in Angola. By investing in agriculture and seeking the necessary resources, Evaristo is demonstrating the potential for sustainable growth and development in the country's rural communities.

Key Takeaways

  • Mário Manuvakola Kuvala Evaristo, 25, produces 8 tons of tomatoes daily in Angola.
  • Evaristo started tomato farming at 15, now grows 3 varieties with 20M kwanzas investment.
  • Evaristo's tomato business employs 80 people, mostly women, in rural Angola.
  • Evaristo seeks government support for credit, subsidies, and land concession to expand.
  • Evaristo's success highlights potential for young entrepreneurs in Angola's agriculture.