AfDB's Agro-Industrial Zone to Boost Jobs in Nigeria's Anambra State

The African Development Bank's Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone programme in Anambra, Nigeria, aims to create over 200,000 jobs in five years. The programme will dedicate 450 hectares of land to industrial sites, supporting 15,000 farm families in the state.

Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed
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AfDB's Agro-Industrial Zone to Boost Jobs in Nigeria's Anambra State

AfDB's Agro-Industrial Zone to Boost Jobs in Nigeria's Anambra State

The African Development Bank's (AfDB)Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone(SAPZ) programme in Anambra, Nigeria, is poised to create over 200,000 jobs for residents in the next five years. The ambitious initiative, currently in its second phase, aims to transform agriculture in the state and enhance food security across the country.

Why this matters: The success of this project could serve as a model for other African countries struggling with food security and unemployment, while also highlighting the importance of investing in agriculture for sustainable economic growth. By creating thousands of jobs and increasing food production, this initiative has the potential to positively impact the livelihoods of millions of people in Nigeria and beyond.

During a recent meeting tagged "Preparation Mission for the Development of the second phase of SPAZ programme in Anambra," Dr. Chuma Ezedinma, an Agricultural Economist at AfDB, highlighted the immense potential of the project. "AFDB is very much interested in what is happening in the state because Anambra's presentation on the SPAZ project is the best we have seen so far. It shows the state is ready to run," he remarked.

The SAPZ programme will dedicate 450 hectares of land to the industrial site, supporting approximately 5,000 farm families per zone. With a total of three zones planned in the state, the initiative is expected to benefit 15,000 farm families in Anambra. In addition to primary jobs, the programme will generate secondary employment opportunities within the park itself.

The Anambra State Government has demonstrated its commitment to the project by allocating resources for infrastructure development and showing preparedness for the second phase of the SAPZ programme. The state is expected to pay a 50 percent counterpart fund, provide the land, and establish other necessary infrastructure.

Dr. Louis Enaberue from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security expressed optimism about Anambra's readiness for the project, stating, "What we saw in Anambra's presentation shows they are ready for the phase two of SPAZ and I hope and pray they meet the grade."

Dr. Forster Ihejiofor, Anambra State Commissioner for Agriculture, underscored the transformative impact of the programme, asserting,"Clearly, we are ready because this project will transformagriculture in the stateas it will increase farmers' incomes, foster job creation and enhance food security in the state and country at large."

The proposed sites for the SAPZ-2 project are located in Ayamelum, Ogboji in Orumba South, and Ufuma in Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State. With the creation of over 200,000 jobs and the transformation of agriculture in the state, the AfDB's Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone programme is set to have a profound impact on the economic landscape of Anambra and Nigeria as a whole.

Key Takeaways

  • AfDB's SAPZ programme in Anambra, Nigeria to create 200,000 jobs in 5 years.
  • Programme aims to transform agriculture, enhance food security in Nigeria.
  • 450 hectares of land dedicated to industrial site, supporting 5,000 farm families.
  • Anambra State Government commits to infrastructure development, 50% counterpart fund.
  • Programme to benefit 15,000 farm families, generate secondary employment opportunities.