Elderly Couple Killed by Ram on New Zealand Hobby Farm

Elderly couple killed by their own ram on their hobby farm in New Zealand, highlighting the dangers of livestock, even in rural settings.

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Elderly Couple Killed by Ram on New Zealand Hobby Farm

Elderly Couple Killed by Ram on New Zealand Hobby Farm

An elderly couple, Alfred Helge Hansen, 82, and Gaye Carole Hansen, 81, were found dead on their hobby farm in Waitākere, West Auckland, New Zealand on Thursday morning. Police believe the couple was attacked and killed by a ram they kept on their property.

The couple's son discovered their lifeless bodies in a paddock attached to their home after becoming concerned when he did not hear from them. He alerted authorities, who attended the scene and confirmed the ram was present. Another party at the scene suffered a minor injury after also being attacked by the aggressive animal.

Police confronted and approached the ram, and after assessing the risk, shot and killed it. "Police located the couple's bodies in a paddock and found a ram in the paddock at the time," said Dean Burrell, the couple's nephew who is a police officer. "A third person sustained minor injuries after being attacked by the ram. Police shot and killed the ram after a risk assessment."

It is understood that Mr. Hansen had gone out to feed the ram but never returned. His wife then went to check on him but also never made it back to the house. Neighbors described the Hansens as lovely, genuine people who were enjoying their retirement tending to sheep, chickens and cattle on their rural property, where they had lived for eight years.

Why this matters: While fatal animal attacks on farms are rare, this tragic incident highlights the potential dangers posed by livestock, especially for elderly individuals. It underscores the importance of safety precautions and risk assessment when dealing with animals, even in seemingly peaceful rural settings.

Death Investigation: Post-mortem examinations will be carried out to determine the exact cause of death for the couple. Police have completed the scene examination and are working to establish the full circumstances surrounding the incident. The deaths have been referred to the Coroner for further investigation.

Key Takeaways

  • Elderly couple killed by ram on their hobby farm in New Zealand
  • Couple's son found their bodies, another person suffered minor injuries
  • Police shot and killed the aggressive ram after risk assessment
  • Couple known for enjoying retirement tending to livestock on rural property
  • Incident highlights dangers of livestock, even in peaceful rural settings