Maize Palliative Boosts Egg Production and Reduces Prices in Lagos

The Lagos State government's maize palliative to poultry farmers led to a drop in egg prices, benefiting both producers and consumers. This targeted intervention highlights the positive impact of government support in addressing food price challenges.

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Maize Palliative Boosts Egg Production and Reduces Prices in Lagos

Maize Palliative Boosts Egg Production and Reduces Prices in Lagos

The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Lagos State Chapter, received a maize palliative of about 150,000 tons from the Lagos State government in February to help cushion the effect of high feed prices. The palliative had a positive impact on the poultry sector, as it reduced the cost of production for most poultry farmers in the state.

According to Mojeed Iyiola, the chairman of the PAN Lagos State Chapter, the palliative led to a drop in the prices of poultry produce, especially eggs. Prior to the intervention, a crate of eggs was being sold for N3,500 to N3,700 at the farm gate. However, after the support, prices decreased to a range of N3,200 to N3,400 per crate.

Iyiola advised PAN members to sell eggs at fair prices following the government's assistance. He also called on the Federal Government to provide a similar palliative to further reduce the cost of production in the sector, which could lead to an additional drop in the prices of all poultry produce.

The maize palliative was shared equally among PAN's eight zones in Lagos State. New poultry farmers who wanted to join the association were also considered as beneficiaries of the government support.

Why this matters: The maize palliative provided by the Lagos State government demonstrates the positive impact that targeted government interventions can have on the poultry sector. By reducing production costs, the palliative has led to more affordable egg prices for consumers in Lagos.

In addition to the maize palliative, the Lagos State government has initiated 'Ounje Eko' food markets where food items are sold at discounted rates in the state's five divisions on Sundays. These initiatives aim to support both poultry farmers and consumers in the face of rising feed and food prices.

Key Takeaways

  • Lagos govt provided 150,000 tons of maize palliative to poultry farmers
  • Palliative reduced poultry production costs, lowering egg prices by 8-14%
  • Poultry association chair urged fair pricing and called for federal support
  • Palliative shared equally among 8 zones, including new poultry farmers
  • Lagos also launched discounted food markets to support farmers and consumers