Spain and Morocco Strengthen Agricultural Ties at International Fair

Spain and Morocco strengthen agricultural ties, with Spain as the guest of honor at SIAM 2024, showcasing their growing trade and cooperation in addressing shared challenges like climate change.

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Spain and Morocco Strengthen Agricultural Ties at International Fair

Spain and Morocco Strengthen Agricultural Ties at International Fair

The Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food, Luis Planas, highlighted the strong friendship and cooperation between Spain and Morocco during his visit to the 16th edition of the International Agricultural Exhibition in Morocco (SIAM). Spain is participating as the guest country of honor at the fair, reflecting the excellent relations between the two nations, particularly in the agri-food sector.

Planas emphasized the exceptional level of cooperation between Spain and Morocco, noting that the upcoming meetings with his Moroccan counterpart, Mohammed Sadiki, are part of the dynamic of their cooperative relations. The agriculture ministers from Mediterranean countries will also gather at SIAM to discuss common problems and challenges, such as climate change, new diseases, research, innovation, and the resilience and sustainability of agricultural systems.

Bilateral cooperation between Morocco and Spain is witnessing constant progress, as evidenced by the significant increase in trade. Spain has surfaced as Morocco's first trading partner, with a remarkable development in agri-food exports from Spain to Morocco. Planas expressed satisfaction with this growth and stated that Spain can further improve trade and investments by investing in innovative agricultural projects through a more intelligent use of resources, particularly water.

Why this matters: The strengthening of agricultural ties between Spain and Morocco has broader implications for economic cooperation and food security in the Mediterranean region. As neighboring countries confront shared challenges such as climate change, their collaboration in research, innovation, and sustainable practices can serve as a model for other nations in the region.

The 16th edition of SIAM 2024 will feature a 544-square-meter Spanish pavilion, serving as a platform for commercial exchanges and collaboration between Moroccan and Spanish enterprises in the agriculture sector. With 35 Iberian companies attending the fair, it presents an opportunity to showcase innovative solutions and forge new partnerships. "SIAM is an opportunity for countries in the Mediterranean basin to discuss common problems and challenges," Planas stated, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in addressing pressing issues facing the agricultural industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Spain and Morocco have strong friendship and cooperation, especially in agri-food sector.
  • Spain is the guest of honor at SIAM 2024, reflecting excellent bilateral relations.
  • Spain is Morocco's leading trade partner, with significant growth in agri-food exports.
  • Cooperation aims to address shared challenges like climate change, diseases, and sustainability.
  • SIAM 2024 will feature a large Spanish pavilion, fostering commercial exchanges and partnerships.