Sacramento River Shooting Near Teen Rowers Prompts Investigation

West Sacramento police are investigating an incident where gunshots were fired near a group of teen rowers on the Sacramento River two weeks ago. Despite a search for suspects and evidence, no leads have been found yet.

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Shooter appears to open fire on a teenage boys rowing team in West, Sacramento.

Gunshots Fired Near Teen Rowers in Sacramento Spark Police Investigation

Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred near a group of teenage rowers practicing on the Sacramento River approximately two weeks ago. The rowers, members of the Oakland Strokes rowing club, were aboard their boat when gunshots were fired in their vicinity.

Fred Ackerman, a parent of one of the rowers, shared video footage of the incident with NBC Bay Area, captured by another parent. In the video, the sound of gunfire can be heard, initially mistaken by the teens for harmless noises. However, upon realizing the gravity of the situation, they promptly notified law enforcement authorities.

"It's absolutely horrific to witness your child being fired upon," Ackerman expressed. "While my experience pales in comparison to the countless families who have endured such tragedies, it has made me acutely aware of the potential dangers posed by the prevalence of firearms in our society."

No injuries were reported as a result of the shooting, but the incident has raised concerns about the safety of public spaces and the accessibility of firearms.

The West Sacramento Police Department confirmed their investigation into the matter, stating that they conducted a thorough search of the area for suspects and evidence but were unable to locate any leads. The case remains open as authorities continue their inquiry.

Why this matters:This incident highlights the ongoing issue of gun violence and its potential to disrupt everyday activities, even those involving minors. It underscores the need for discussions around public safety measures and the responsible regulation of firearms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gunshots were fired near a group of teenage rowers on the Sacramento River.
  • The rowers initially mistook the gunfire for harmless noises before realizing the danger.
  • No injuries were reported, but the incident has raised concerns about gun violence.
  • A parent shared video footage of the incident, urging action to ensure children's safety.
  • The West Sacramento Police Department is investigating the shooting, but no suspects have been identified.