Makueni County Governor Encourages Investment, Offers Land for Job Creation

Makueni County in Kenya attracts investors with its commitment to sustainable development, renewable energy, and job creation, showcasing its potential as an economic hub.

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Makueni County Governor Encourages Investment, Offers Land for Job Creation

Makueni County Governor Encourages Investment, Offers Land for Job Creation

Makueni County Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr. has urged investors to consider the county as a prime location for industrial ventures, pledging that his government is prepared to provide land to facilitate such investments.

The governor emphasized that these ventures would not only generate employment opportunities for the local population but also contribute to the growth of the national economy.

Governor Mutula made these remarks while issuing a land lease title deed to Eni Kenya, a company that has established a Sh 2 billion factory plant for an Agri-hub in the county. The facility, which produces vegetable oil and related bio-products, has already employed over 200 young men from the region.

Enrico Tavolin, the managing director of Eni Kenya, also committed to contributing to the community's welfare by establishing a maternity facility at Kambi Mawe market and providing neonatal equipment to the Makueni County Referral Hospital.

Why this matters: The governor's call for investment and the establishment of the Eni Kenya Agri-hub demonstrate the potential for economic growth and job creation in Makueni County. Such initiatives can serve as a model for other counties seeking to attract investment and promote sustainable development.

The county government's partnership with the UK Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions (UK PACT) team further highlights Makueni's commitment to sustainable energy planning and nature-based solutions to combat climate change. During a recent visit, the UK PACT team toured the Makueni County Referral Hospital, where a jointly supported solar power project will enable the hospital to rely entirely on solar energy, saving approximately Ksh 7 million annually in power costs.

Governor Mutula underscored the county's dedication to renewable energy and nature-based solutions, stating, "Makueni County is endowed with natural resources and has fully integrated green energy in our County Energy Plan. We have plans to establish a state-of-the-art County Energy Center in Kisingo." The UK's Economic Counsellor, Daniel Wilcox, emphasized the potential of conservation efforts for economic growth and the UK's commitment to collaborating with Kenya on environmental and climate change challenges.

The UK PACT team also interacted with farmers serving as Trainers-of-Trainers on forest and land restoration, observing various interventions contributing to improved livelihoods, such as water conservation measures and community tree-planting initiatives. Over 1,000 beneficiaries have received training on forest and land restoration, demonstrating the tangible impact of collaborative efforts in addressing climate change at the grassroots level.

Governor Mutula's encouragement of investment, coupled with the county's partnership with the UK PACT team, showcases Makueni's proactive approach to sustainable development and job creation. By offering land and highlighting the region's potential, the county government aims to attract more industrial ventures that can provide employment opportunities and contribute to the local and national economy.

The successful establishment of the Eni Kenya Agri-hub and the ongoing initiatives in renewable energy and nature-based solutions serve as testament to Makueni County's commitment to sustainable growth and its potential as an attractive destination for

Key Takeaways

  • Makueni County governor urges investors to set up industries, offers land.
  • Eni Kenya establishes $2 billion Agri-hub, employing over 200 locals.
  • Makueni partners with UK on sustainable energy, nature-based climate solutions.
  • Makueni Referral Hospital to rely entirely on solar power, saving $70K annually.
  • Over 1,000 locals trained on forest and land restoration, boosting livelihoods.