Moroccan Parliament Convenes for Government's Interim Progress Report

Morocco's government presents a progress report showcasing economic resilience, social support, and diplomatic achievements amid global challenges, highlighting the country's growth strategies and commitment to citizens' well-being.

Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed
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Moroccan Parliament Convenes for Government's Interim Progress Report

Moroccan Parliament Convenes for Government's Interim Progress Report

On April 25, 2024, Morocco's bicameral parliament held a joint public session to hear the government's interim progress report presented by Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch. The session provided an opportunity for both houses of the Moroccan Parliament to receive updates on the government's actions and initiatives during the current term.

In his report, Akhannouch highlighted Morocco's positive economic transformation, attributing it to effective measures enacted under High Royal Directives. He noted that the country has reversed inflationary trends faster than other nations, with food prices declining despite drought conditions. The government has also implemented interventions to support employment and protect purchasing power, such as the 'Aurash' and 'Forsa' programs, along with tax relief and exceptional programs worth 20 billion dirhams to address drought effects and agricultural stability.

The Prime Minister emphasized the government's support for various sectors, including 2 billion dirhams allocated to the tourism industry to sustain 800 hotels and aid 40,000 workers. Investments have been made in basic consumer goods, transportation, and energy stability, including VAT reduction and customs duty suspension. Akhannouch also highlighted export growth in the car, electronic, and aviation industries, with plans to enhance local integration and increase production capacity by 2025. The tourism sector has experienced a resurgence, backed by government investments and a strategic roadmap for 2023-2026, resulting in a record 14.5 million tourists and 105 billion dirhams in revenue in 2023.

Why this matters: The Moroccan government's interim progress report provides insights into the country's economic resilience and growth strategies amid global challenges. The report showcases the government's proactive measures to support key sectors, protect citizens' purchasing power, and foster sustainable development.

Akhannouch further discussed the government's comprehensive strategy to ensure universal health coverage, expanding the scope of compulsory basic health insurance to include over 10 million citizens previously covered by the 'RAMED' system, with a budget of 9.5 billion dirhams annually. He acknowledged the new political landscape following the September 2021 elections, which granted democratic legitimacy to a new government coalition committed to fulfilling its electoral promises and meeting citizens' aspirations.

The Prime Minister also addressed global uncertainties and crises, stressing the need for proactive measures to mitigate their impacts on economic and social development. He highlighted the progress achieved by Morocco in various fields, attributing it to the insightful royal vision that laid the foundations of the modern state. Akhannouch noted that the Moroccan diplomatic approach has gained international recognition in its dealings with the Western Sahara issue, and the government aims to make the southern regions of Morocco a geopolitical reference point, promoting peace, stability, and prosperity in the Euro-African region.

The joint public session of Morocco's bicameral parliament served as a platform for the government to present its interim progress report, highlighting the country's economic resilience, social support measures, and diplomatic achievements. Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch's comprehensive report emphasized the government's commitment to addressing challenges, supporting key sectors, and ensuring the well-being of Moroccan citizens in the face of global uncertainties.

Key Takeaways

  • Morocco's parliament heard govt's interim progress report on economic transformation.
  • Govt implemented measures to support employment, purchasing power, and key sectors.
  • Tourism sector experienced resurgence, reaching 14.5M tourists and 105B dirhams in 2023.
  • Govt expanded universal health coverage, committing 9.5B dirhams annually.
  • Govt aims to make southern regions a geopolitical reference point for peace and prosperity.