Türkiye's Furniture Exports Quadruple to $8 Billion in 2023

Türkiye's furniture exports quadrupled in 6 years, reaching $8B in 2022. Industry leaders call for more R&D to develop unique styles and leverage domestic resources to boost exports further.

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Türkiye's Furniture Exports Quadruple to $8 Billion in 2022

Türkiye's Furniture Exports Quadruple to $8 Billion in 2022

Türkiye's furniture exports have quadrupled in the past six years, reaching an impressive $8 billion in 2023, according to industry representatives. Hüseyin Taklacı, head of the Turkish woodworking federation, stated that 147 professional chambers and approximately 100,000 tradespeople contribute to the country's economy through furniture exports.

Taklacı emphasized the need for more research and development (R&D) centers to help furniture manufacturers develop their own unique styles and become more prominent exporters. He noted that 93% of raw materials in the sector are procured from national resources, and with the necessary support, the furniture manufacturing sector can continue to be a significant foreign currency input for Türkiye.

Why this matters: Türkiye's furniture industry has emerged as a major contributor to the country's economy, showcasing the potential for growth and global competitiveness through strategic investments in R&D and leveraging domestic resources.

The furniture sector is developing rapidly in cities like Kayseri, Ankara, Bursa, and Adana, with exports growing from $2 billion in 2018 to close to $8 billion in 2023. Taklacı stated that further growth in production and exports will depend on the General Directorate of Forestry providing wood to factories at better prices, and he estimates higher exports for 2024.

Türkiye currently ranks ninth worldwide in furniture exports, with China being the global leader. "Anatolian furniture-makers produce value-added products," Taklacı said, highlighting the potential for Turkish manufacturers to become more prominent exporters with their own unique style.

Taklacı underscored the importance of leveraging national resources, noting that 93% of raw materials used in the sector are sourced domestically. He stated that with the necessary support, including more R&D centers and better wood prices from the General Directorate of Forestry, the furniture manufacturing sector will continue to be a significant foreign currency input for Türkiye.

Key Takeaways

  • Türkiye's furniture exports quadrupled to $8B in 6 years, a major economic contributor.
  • Furniture industry employs 100,000 tradespeople across 147 chambers, leveraging domestic resources.
  • Need for more R&D centers to help manufacturers develop unique styles and boost exports.
  • Türkiye ranks 9th globally in furniture exports, with potential for further growth.
  • Domestic wood supply and R&D support crucial for the furniture sector's continued success.