83 Guam Students Shadow Government Officials During Island Leadership Day

83 Guam students shadow government officials, draft bills on youth issues, gaining invaluable insights into public policy and leadership.

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83 Guam Students Shadow Government Officials During Island Leadership Day

83 Guam Students Shadow Government Officials During Island Leadership Day

83 middle and high school students from public and private schools across Guam participated in the annual Island Leadership Day, an event organized by the Department of Youth Affairs.

The students had the unique opportunity to shadow government officials in all three branches of government, taking on roles such as senators, directors, and even the governor for a day.

During the legislative session, the student senators drafted bills addressing pressing issues facing Guam's youth, including electronic nicotine devices, tourist safety, driver's education, and housing. The event was described as an "ambitious session" where the young leaders demonstrated their knowledge and passion for these important topics.

The hands-on experience provided by Island Leadership Day was seen as invaluable for both the students and the government officials involved. It allowed the next generation of leaders to gain practical insights into public policy and management, while also giving officials the chance to hear the collective concerns of Guam's youth directly.

Why this matters: Island Leadership Day serves as a powerful platform for engaging and empowering Guam's youth in the democratic process. By nurturing civic engagement at an early age, the event helps develop the skills and confidence needed for these students to become active participants in shaping their community's future.

Melissa Savares, the Director of the Department of Youth Affairs, emphasized the significance of the event, stating, "Island Leadership Day provides our young people with a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the responsibilities and challenges of governance. It is through initiatives like this that we can cultivate the leaders of tomorrow and ensure a bright future for Guam."

Key Takeaways

  • 83 students from Guam participated in annual Island Leadership Day event.
  • Students shadowed government officials, taking on roles like senators, directors, and governor.
  • Students drafted bills on issues like e-cigarettes, tourist safety, driver's ed, and housing.
  • Event provided valuable hands-on experience in public policy and management for students.
  • Event aims to engage and empower Guam's youth in the democratic process.