Chiefs of Asogli State Oppose Renaming of Ho Technical University, Citing Lack of Consultation

Asogli chiefs strongly oppose government's plan to rename Ho Technical University, citing lack of consultation and disrespect for the institution's identity and legacy.

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Chiefs of Asogli State Oppose Renaming of Ho Technical University, Citing Lack of Consultation

Chiefs of Asogli State Oppose Renaming of Ho Technical University, Citing Lack of Consultation

The Chiefs of the Asogli State have strongly opposed the government's proposal to rename Ho Technical University after Dr. Ephriam Amu. The decision, initially announced in February 2018, has drawn criticism from the Traditional Council due to the lack of consultation with key stakeholders.

During a press conference on April 22, 2024, the Asogli State Council expressed deep disappointment with the government and the university's governing council for proceeding with the renaming without engaging the Asogli State Council, the custodians of the land. The council labeled the decision as "regrettable, ill-conceived, and disrespectful," as it failed to consider the perspectives of those directly affected.

Togbe Adzi Lakle Howusu XII, representing the Asogli State Council, reiterated their strong opposition to the renaming, emphasizing that it not only lacks merit but also disregards the university's identity and legacy. The chiefs argue that the university holds a special position of importance in the Volta Region and that frequent changes to the university's name can lead to confusion among stakeholders.

The Asogli State Council has been objecting to the renaming attempt since February 2018 and insists that the name of the university should remain Ho Technical University. They maintain that Dr. Ephraim Amu's achievements, though laudable, have limited relevance to the academic programs and mission of the institution.

Why this matters: The dispute over the renaming of Ho Technical University highlights the importance of involving local stakeholders in decisions that impact a community's heritage and identity. It also underscores the need for transparent communication and consultation between government bodies and traditional authorities to maintain harmony and respect cultural sensitivities.

The Minority in Parliament has also described the government's attempts to rename the university as illegal. Peter Nortsu Kotoe, the Ranking Member on Parliament's Education Committee and MP for Akatsi North, stated that it is illegal for the government to change the name of the university without Parliament's approval, as the name of a university is established by law.

Key Takeaways

  • Asogli chiefs strongly oppose renaming Ho Technical University after Dr. Amu.
  • Asogli State Council calls the decision "regrettable, ill-conceived, and disrespectful".
  • Chiefs argue the university's identity and legacy should be preserved.
  • Minority in Parliament says renaming is illegal without parliamentary approval.
  • Dispute highlights need for stakeholder involvement in decisions impacting community.