Four Arrested in Uttar Pradesh RO-ARO Exam Paper Leak Case

Uttar Pradesh exam paper leak scandal: 4 arrested, including key suspects, raising concerns about recruitment process integrity. Authorities vow thorough investigation and action to restore public trust.

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Four Arrested in Uttar Pradesh RO-ARO Exam Paper Leak Case

Four Arrested in Uttar Pradesh RO-ARO Exam Paper Leak Case

The Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (UPSTF) has arrested four individuals, including key suspects Deshraj Patel and Kamlesh Kumar Paul, in connection with the leak of the RO-ARO recruitment exam paper in Prayagraj. The exam, which took place on February 11, 2024, was compromised when the paper was photographed in a college medical room using a cutter.

According to the UPSTF investigation, the paper leak occurred in two stages. The first stage involved the paper being leaked during transportation before the exam. The second stage took place approximately an hour and a half prior to the exam's start time. Deshraj Patel and Kamlesh Kumar Paul have been identified as the main suspects involved in both the leaking and distribution of the exam paper.

Why this matters: The RO-ARO recruitment exam is a highly competitive test for government positions in Uttar Pradesh. The paper leak scandal has raised serious concerns about the integrity and fairness of the recruitment process, potentially impacting the lives and careers of thousands of aspirants. The arrests mark a significant development in the ongoing investigation to uncover the full extent of the exam fraud and bring those responsible to justice.

The UPSTF made the arrests on April 22, 2024, more than two months after the leaked exam took place. Authorities are currently interrogating the four arrested individuals to gather more information and evidence related to the case. "We are thoroughly questioning the suspects to uncover all the details of how the paper was leaked and who else may have been involved," stated a UPSTF official familiar with the investigation.

The RO-ARO exam paper leak has sparked outrage among aspirants and the general public, who are demanding a thorough probe and strict action against all those found guilty. The Uttar Pradesh government has assured that it will take all necessary measures to ensure the integrity of future recruitment exams and restore public trust in the system.

Key Takeaways

  • UPSTF arrests 4 suspects, including Deshraj Patel and Kamlesh Kumar Paul, for RO-ARO exam paper leak.
  • Paper leaked during transport and an hour before exam in Prayagraj college medical room.
  • Leak raises concerns about integrity of competitive govt recruitment process in Uttar Pradesh.
  • UPSTF interrogating suspects to uncover full details and extent of exam fraud.
  • UP govt assures measures to ensure integrity of future recruitment exams and restore public trust.