Kerala CM Directs School Safety Measures as New Academic Year Looms

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan issues directions to ensure school safety and prevent drug use among students ahead of the new academic year. The measures include repairs, fitness certificates, regular inspections, and anti-drug events to create a conducive learning environment.

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Kerala CM Directs School Safety Measures as New Academic Year Looms

Kerala CM Directs School Safety Measures as New Academic Year Looms

With the new academic year in Kerala schools set to begin on June 3, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has issued a series of directions to ensure educational institutions are safe for students when they reopen. At a high-level meeting on Saturday, Vijayan ordered that preparations should be completed in a timely manner.

Why this matters: Ensuring school safety and preventing drug use among students is crucial for creating a conducive learning environment and shaping the future of the country. The success of such initiatives can have a ripple effect on the overall well-being of the society and the economy.

The Chief Minister's key directions focused on ensuring the safety of school premises by carrying out necessary repairs, obtaining fitness certificates for buildings, and removing potential hazards like dangerous trees, boards, electric posts, power cables, and hoardings. He also emphasized the need to clean school campuses and prevent the use and sale of intoxicating substances on school grounds.

To combat drug use among students, Vijayan called for regular inspections of shops around educational institutions by the Excise department and district-level public vigilance committee meetings to evaluate anti-drug activities. He stressed the importance of strengthening awareness and enforcement measures, as well as ensuring cooperation from children, parents, and teachers to make schools drug-free zones.

The meeting also outlined a series of anti-drug events to be held throughout the academic year, including a children's parliament on Anti Narcotics Day (June 26), delivering the CM's anti-drug message to homes on November 1, conducting anti-drug seminars on December 10, and holding class councils on January 30, 2025, to review anti-drug activities. Anti-drug posters will also be displayed in all government, semi-government, public sector, and co-operative institutions without delay.

In addition to safety and anti-drug measures, the Chief Minister called for the timely completion of all necessary work before schools reopen, including cleaning, ensuring clean drinking water, and properly storing unused vehicles and furniture. School buses and private vehicles will also be checked for fitness. Mentor teachers will be appointed to support tribal students and ensure their attendance.

The meeting, attended by several ministers and concerned officers, also discussed plans for a green school campaign and provisions for clothing, books, and lunch for students. "The Chief Minister emphasized the importance of viewing drug use as a social issue and advocated for a collective effort to combat it," stated the Chief Minister's Office, underscoring Vijayan's commitment to creating a safe and healthy learning environment for Kerala's students as they return to classrooms next month.

Key Takeaways

  • Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan issues directions to ensure school safety and prevent drug use.
  • School premises to be repaired, cleaned, and made hazard-free before reopening.
  • Regular inspections to combat drug use, awareness programs, and anti-drug events planned.
  • Mentor teachers to support tribal students, and provisions for clothing, books, and lunch.
  • CM emphasizes collective effort to combat drug use as a social issue.