Lexington Restaurant Offers Free Meals to Students After School Cuts Art Classes

Lexington restaurant offers free meals to students who submit art in response to school's decision to cut art classes due to budget constraints, highlighting the importance of arts education.

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Lexington Restaurant Offers Free Meals to Students After School Cuts Art Classes

Lexington Restaurant Offers Free Meals to Students After School Cuts Art Classes

Bourbon n' Toulouse, a restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky, is offering free meals to students at Cassidy Elementary School who submit artwork in response to the school's decision to eliminate standalone art classes. The school discontinued the classes due to staffing shortages and budget constraints.

Restaurant co-owners Kevin and Cameron Heathcoat, who are supporters of the arts, believe it's essential to have art and other special courses in the classroom. They are offering to display the students' artwork in the restaurant through the end of the 2023-2024 school year and provide one free meal per student who submits a piece.

Why this matters: The restaurant's initiative emphasizes the impact of budget cuts on arts education and the community's efforts to support students affected by these decisions. It highlights the significance of arts programs in schools and the role local businesses can play in filling educational gaps.

Bourbon n' Toulouse also plans to announce a fundraising campaign to support the Cassidy PTA's efforts to supplement the school's art program. "We want to support the young artists at Cassidy Elementary and encourage them to bring in their artwork to receive a free meal," said Kevin Heathcoat.

A spokesperson for Fayette County Public Schools acknowledged the district's appreciation for the community's support but declined to comment further on the matter. The district stated that the decision to discontinue art classes was made at the school level by the School-Based Decision Making Council and not due to district-wide budget cuts.

However, Laura Hartke, a teachers' union organizer, argues that the district should find ways to divert money from the central office to ensure art programs continue across all schools. The restaurant's offer of free meals and the planned fundraising campaign aim to support Cassidy Elementary students and emphasize the importance of arts education in the face of budget challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Lexington restaurant offers free meals for student art submissions due to art class cuts.
  • Restaurant owners believe arts education is essential and plan to display student art.
  • Restaurant to launch fundraiser for Cassidy Elementary's art program amid budget constraints.
  • School district says art class cuts were a school-level decision, not due to district budget cuts.
  • Community efforts aim to support students and emphasize importance of arts education.