Uganda Warns Against Teaching During Upcoming School Holiday Break

The Ugandan Ministry of Education bans holiday teaching, urging parents to prioritize children's well-being and play during the upcoming school break. The ministry emphasizes compliance with regulations and the importance of holistic student development.

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Uganda Warns Against Teaching During Upcoming School Holiday Break

Uganda Warns Against Teaching During Upcoming School Holiday Break

The Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda has issued a firm caution against conducting teaching and coaching activities for learners during the upcoming school holiday break starting May 3, 2024.

The Minister of State for Primary Education, Joyce Moriku Kadacu, addressed reporters in Kampala, stating that the ministry will not tolerate any holiday teaching or coaching in schools.

Kadacu emphasized that such practices violate regulations and standards set by the ministry. She urged parents to prioritize their children's well-being during the holiday period, particularly focusing on their daughters.

"Pay special attention to the girl child to prevent teenage pregnancies during the holidays, and ensure that both boys and girls are counseled on reproductive health and rights," the minister said. She also encouraged parents to instill Christian values, cultural norms, and responsible social media usage in their children.

Despite some challenges faced during the first term, such as fire outbreaks and a red eye conjunctivitis outbreak, the ministry praised the discipline and dialogue-oriented approach demonstrated by learners. Kadacu expressed appreciation to school administrators, teachers, and students for their dedication.

Why this matters: The ministry's warning highlights the importance of adhering to educational regulations and prioritizing children's well-being during school breaks. By discouraging holiday teaching and coaching, the ministry aims to ensure that students have adequate rest and opportunities for personal growth outside the classroom setting.

Looking ahead to the second term, the ministry emphasized the importance of all schools, especially those with boarding facilities, meeting minimum standards and basic requirements. These include proper sleeping arrangements, sanitation facilities, fire safety measures, and lightning protection.

Additionally, Uganda will participate in the inaugural National Play Day on April 30, 2024, with the aim of highlighting the importance of play in children's learning and well-being. "Play is essential for children's development, building resilience, healing from trauma, and boosting confidence," Kadacu noted.

The first term of the 2024 school year in Uganda is set to close on May 3. The Ministry of Education and Sports remains committed to ensuring that schools comply with established rules and regulations, warning that failure to comply will result in the withdrawal of their licenses. As the holiday break approaches, parents and educators are urged to prioritize the holistic development and well-being of children, while refraining from engaging in unauthorized teaching activities.

Key Takeaways

  • Uganda bans holiday teaching/coaching to prioritize student well-being.
  • Ministry urges parents to focus on girls' health, Christian values, social media.
  • Schools must meet standards for sleeping, sanitation, fire safety, lightning.
  • Uganda to host inaugural National Play Day on April 30, 2024.
  • Failure to comply with rules may result in license withdrawal for schools.