University of Nigeria Lecturer Suspended Over Alleged Sexual Harassment Caught on Video

A UNN lecturer faces suspension over alleged sexual harassment of a student, sparking outrage and calls for a thorough investigation to ensure justice and protect students.

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University of Nigeria Lecturer Suspended Over Alleged Sexual Harassment  Caught on Video

University of Nigeria Lecturer Suspended Over Alleged Sexual Harassment Caught on Video

Mfonobong Udoudom, a lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), has been suspended indefinitely following accusations of sexual harassment against a female student. The incident was captured in a viral video that showed Udoudom in his office, wearing only shorts, purportedly attempting to molest the student.

UNN has initiated an investigation into the matter and constituted a disciplinary panel to examine the case. "The university has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual misconduct and is committed to protecting students from abuse and exploitation," a university spokesperson stated. "We will not hesitate to punish the lecturer if he is found guilty by the panel."

According to the Dean of Students Affairs, the case is being handled by the university authorities in collaboration with the police in Enugu State. The precise date of the incident remains unclear, but the video has sparked outrage on social media and within the university community.

Udoudom, who teaches courses in Peace and Conflict Resolution and Nigerian People's and Culture at the School of General Studies Programme Unit, has been barred from campus pending the outcome of the disciplinary panel's investigation. The university emphasized that the suspension is in line with its Sexual Harassment Policy and commitment to maintaining a safe learning environment for all students.

Why this matters: The incident at UNN highlights the persistent issue of sexual harassment in Nigerian universities and the need for strict policies and enforcement to protect students. It underscores the importance of holding educators accountable for their actions and creating a culture of respect and safety within academic institutions.

The Forum of South East Academic Doctors (FOSAD) has strongly condemned the alleged harassment and called for a thorough and impartial investigation. FOSAD expressed solidarity with the alleged victim and urged UNN to take swift action to ensure justice is served. The university has assured that it will not tolerate any form of sexual misconduct and will punish Udoudom according to its rules if found guilty by the disciplinary panel.

Key Takeaways

  • UNN lecturer Mfonobong Udoudom suspended over sexual harassment allegations
  • Incident captured in viral video, university investigating and constituted disciplinary panel
  • UNN has zero-tolerance policy for sexual misconduct, will punish lecturer if found guilty
  • Case handled by university authorities and police, lecturer barred from campus
  • Incident highlights need for strict policies to protect students in Nigerian universities