U.S. News Ranks Over 700 Ohio High Schools for 2024

U.S. News ranks Ohio's top public high schools, highlighting Walnut Hills, Bexley, and other standouts, but no Ohio school made the national Top 100 list.

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U.S. News Ranks Over 700 Ohio High Schools for 2024

U.S. News Ranks Over 700 Ohio High Schools for 2024

U.S. News & World Report has released its rankings of over 700 Ohio public high schools for 2024, evaluating them based on factors such as standardized testing, graduation rates, and college-level exam data. Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati topped the list for Ohio, ranking 118th nationally out of 17,655 schools assessed.

Other top-ranked Ohio high schools include Bexley High School, which scored 99.17 out of 100 and was commended for its college prep and advanced courses. Mariemont High School, Madeira High School, Solon High School, and Rocky River High School also ranked highly in the state. Dublin Jerome High School completed the top 10 with a score of 97.56.

The rankings were determined using data from Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams, state proficiency tests, graduation rates, and the U.S. Department of Education's Common Core of Data. U.S. News looked at 941 Ohio high schools and ranked 705 of them. Schools were evaluated on criteria like college readiness, state assessment proficiency and performance, college curriculum breadth, underserved student performance, and graduation rate.

Why this matters: The U.S. News rankings provide valuable insights for students and families in Ohio when choosing a high school that best fits their future plans. The rankings highlight schools that offer a mix of strong academics and supportive programs, helping to guide important educational decisions.

Bethel High School notably excelled in the indicators of College Readiness and College Curriculum Breadth, with 51% of 12th grade students taking at least one AP exam and achieving a passing score of 3 or higher. The school ranked 70th out of 705 schools in Ohio, placing it in the top 10% in the state and 5th in the Dayton Metro Area.

While several Ohio schools performed well in the rankings, no high school from the state made the national Top 100 list. The report determined that the best public high school in the nation is BASIS Peoria in Peoria, Arizona.

Angie Hicks, principal of Bexley High School, expressed satisfaction in the school's ranking, stating, "Bexley is an amazing district with a rich history of academic excellence. Our students continue to perform at the highest levels, and this ranking is a testament to their hard work and the dedication of our faculty." The rankings acknowledge the efforts of educators and students across Ohio in creating high-performing learning environments that prepare young people for success in college and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • U.S. News ranked 705 Ohio public high schools, with Walnut Hills High School topping the state.
  • Other top-ranked Ohio schools include Bexley, Mariemont, Madeira, Solon, and Rocky River High Schools.
  • Bethel High School excelled in college readiness and curriculum breadth, ranking 70th in Ohio.
  • No Ohio school made the national Top 100 list, with BASIS Peoria in Arizona ranked best.
  • The rankings highlight academic excellence and college preparation efforts in Ohio high schools.