Ghana's Power Outages Expected to End by April 2024, Assures Government Advisor

Ghana's power crisis to end by April 2024, but businesses and citizens suffer as outages persist. Government and ECG face pressure to resolve the issue and provide a load shedding timetable.

Ebenezer Mensah
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Ghana's Power Outages Expected to End by April 2024, Assures Government Advisor

Ghana's Power Outages Expected to End by April 2024, Assures Government Advisor

Dr. Gideon Boako, an advisor to the Ghanaian government, has assured that the country's power outages, known as 'Dumsor', are likely to end by April 2024. The power sector is currently saddled with huge debts, causing difficulties for the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG). The government has been criticized for the slow pace in finding solutions to the power challenges.

The Director of Communications for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has admitted that the power outages are frustrating, but has assured that the maintenance work being carried out by ECG is almost complete, and an uninterrupted power supply can be expected soon. "The intermittent power outages, known as 'dumsor', in Ghana are expected to end by May 2024," stated former Chairman of Parliament's Committee on Roads and Transport, Samuel Ayeh-Paye. He added that the government is working to resolve the challenges in the energy sector, and the completion of the Twin City Energy power project will enhance electricity generation and distribution.

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has attributed the power outages to technical challenges, but the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has fined ECG board members for power cut violations and directed them to provide a load management timetable by April 2, 2024. ECG has maintained that no formal load-shedding schedule will be implemented, as the outages are due to technical difficulties.

Why this matters: The ongoing power crisis in Ghana is having a significant impact on businesses and daily life for Ghanaians. Resolving the power outages is critical for the country's economic stability and the well-being of its citizens.

Dr. Gideon Boako, the spokesperson for Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has called on the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to urgently address the ongoing power outages. He emphasized the vital importance of reliable electricity supply in the 21st century, highlighting the significant impact power cuts have on the daily lives of Ghanaians. Boako stressed that in modern society, virtually everyone relies on electricity for essential activities, and any interruption in power supply poses serious challenges.

Cold store operators in Tema, Ghana are facing significant financial strain due to the recent erratic power supply. The unpredictable power outages are forcing them to rely on expensive alternative power sources, leading to increased costs that may result in higher prices for goods and services, including fish. Victor Seddoh, the manager of Mankoadzee Fisheries, questioned the authorities' inability to identify the root cause of these outages and highlighted the increased cost of fuel for generators during the power outages.

The Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GNCCI) has expressed deep frustration and disappointment over the ongoing power crisis. The frequent power outages have severely impacted businesses, causing significant loss of productivity, revenue, escalating operational costs, and damage to electronic infrastructures. The GNCCI pointed out that the current power crisis, coupled with the country's economic crisis, is a double blow that businesses cannot sustain.

As Ghana faces a worsening energy crisis, there are growing calls for the government and ECG to provide a load shedding timetable to help consumers plan their activities. However, the government and ECG have not released a timetable, citing various excuses and assurances. The Deputy Energy Minister and the recently appointed ECG Board Chairman have assured that the crisis will be resolved in a few weeks, while the Majority Leader in Parliament has expressed trust in the government's ability to effectively handle and resolve

Key Takeaways

  • Ghana's power outages, known as 'Dumsor', expected to end by April 2024.
  • Power sector saddled with huge debts, causing difficulties for Electricity Company of Ghana.
  • Government criticized for slow pace in finding solutions to power challenges.
  • Power outages severely impact businesses, causing loss of productivity and revenue.
  • Calls for government and ECG to provide a load shedding timetable to help consumers.