Chinese Foreign Minister: Admitting Palestine as UN Member Would Correct Historical Injustice

China condemns US veto of Palestine's UN membership bid, calls it a "historical injustice" and urges concrete action to support a two-state solution.

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Chinese Foreign Minister: Admitting Palestine as UN Member Would Correct Historical Injustice

Chinese Foreign Minister: Admitting Palestine as UN Member Would Correct Historical Injustice

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has stated that admitting Palestine as a UN member state would correct a historical injustice, according to state news agency Xinhua. This statement comes after the US vetoed Palestine's full membership bid in the UN Security Council.

Wang Yi emphasized that the admission of Palestine as a UN member state would be an important step towards a just and lasting solution to the Palestinian issue. The Security Council blocked Palestine's bid to become a full UN member due to the US veto on a draft resolution that would have recommended granting such status.

The draft resolution called for recommending to the UN General Assembly that Palestine be admitted as a full member state, replacing its current non-member observer status. Wang made the comments during a joint press conference with his Papua New Guinea counterpart.

The Palestinian Authority has said it will reconsider its relationship with the US following the veto. Israel has summoned the ambassadors of countries that voted in favor of the Palestinian membership bid for a protest talk.

Why this matters: The US veto of Palestine's full UN membership bid highlights the ongoing challenges in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and achieving a two-state solution. China's support for Palestine's UN membership reflects the growing international recognition of Palestinian statehood and the need for a just resolution to the conflict.

Wang Yi criticized the US for standing against international morality and the international community by casting the veto, urging the US, stands, world to take concrete actions to support the two-state solution. "The failure to award Palestine full UN membership status has been criticized by other members, with Algeria's representative calling it a 'permanent stain' on the international body," according to Xinhua.

The US veto comes amid ongoing tensions in the Middle East, including escalating violence between Israel and Iran, as well as ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian groups in Gaza and the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority has announced plans to reassess its relations with the US following the veto, while Saudi Arabia expressed regret over the failure to adopt the resolution, stating that it would allow the Israeli occupation to continue its violations of international law without deterrence.

Key Takeaways

  • China supports Palestine's UN membership to correct historical injustice.
  • US vetoed Palestine's UN membership bid, drawing criticism from China and others.
  • Palestine may reconsider ties with US after veto, Israel summons ambassadors.
  • Veto highlights challenges in Israeli-Palestinian conflict, two-state solution.
  • Failure to grant UN membership seen as a "permanent stain" on the UN.