Israel denounces Colombia's action as 'anti-Semitic,' labeling it a reward for 'Hamas'

Colombian President Petro severs diplomatic ties with Israel over its 'mass killing' in Gaza, drawing condemnation from Israel and potential regional impact.

Hadeel Hashem
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Colombia Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Israel over Gaza War, Sparking Diplomatic Row

Colombia Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Israel over Gaza War, Sparking Diplomatic Row

Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced on Monday that Colombia will sever diplomatic ties with Israel, effective Thursday, over Israel's actions in the Gaza war. Petro described Israel's actions in Gaza as 'mass killing' and compared its actions to those of Nazi Germany.

In a passionate speech at a May Day rally in Bogota, Petro declared, "The world cannot accept 'mass killing, the elimination of an entire people.' If Palestine dies, humanity dies." He accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of being 'responsible for mass killing' in the war in Gaza.

Israel swiftly condemned Petro's decision, with Foreign Minister Israel Katz calling it a 'reward' for Hamas and accusing Petro of 'anti-Semitism.' Katz strongly rebuked Petro's comments, saying the Colombian leader has sided with "the most despicable monsters known to mankind."

The diplomatic fallout escalated as Israel summoned Colombia's ambassador for a reprimand and announced it was suspending security exports to the South American country. Historically, Colombia had been one of Israel's closest partners in Latin America, with the two countries having deep military ties. Colombia's armed forces use Israeli-made weapons and aircraft.

Why this matters: Colombia's decision marks a significant shift in its long-standing diplomatic and military relations with Israel. As the largest country to cut diplomatic ties amid the Gaza war, Colombia's move could influence other Latin American nations to follow suit, potentially isolating Israel.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has faced mounting international criticism. Israel's retaliatory attacks on Hamas-ruled Gaza have killed more than 34,500 people, mostly civilians, displaced most of Gaza's population of 2.3 million, and caused widespread hunger and devastation across the enclave.

Petro's stance has drawn both support and opposition within Colombia. Some Colombians welcomed the move, with one demonstrator at the May Day rally stating, "One cannot be an accomplice of the murderers." However, sources indicate that Petro's decision caught Colombia's foreign minister and other top officials by surprise, as they were not notified in advance.

The diplomatic row between Colombia and Israel underscores the deep divisions and passions surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict. As the war in Gaza rages on, the international community remains split on how to address the crisis and bring about a lasting resolution to the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Key Takeaways

  • Colombia to sever diplomatic ties with Israel over Gaza war actions.
  • Petro calls Israel's actions 'mass killing,' compares to Nazi Germany.
  • Israel condemns move as 'anti-Semitism,' suspends security exports to Colombia.
  • Colombia's decision could influence other Latin American nations to follow suit.
  • Diplomatic row highlights deep divisions over Israel-Hamas conflict.