Senior Tory MPs Urge UK Not to Restore Funding to UN Agency 'UNRWA'

Senior Tory MPs urge UK to not restore funding to UNRWA, citing links to Hamas and perpetuation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Debate highlights complex dynamics in the region.

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Senior Tory MPs Urge UK Not to Restore Funding to 'Hamas-Linked' UN Agency

Senior Tory MPs Urge UK Not to Restore Funding to UN Agency 'UNRWA'

Senior Tory MPs are urging the UK Foreign Secretary not to restore funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), citing deep links between the agency and Hamas, as well as its role in radicalizing young Palestinians through its schools and perpetuating the idea of hereditary refugee status, which undermines a two-state solution.

The group of MPs, including former Cabinet minister Therese Villiers, said it would be a "disgrace" and "morally bankrupt" to restore funds to UNRWA. "The accusations of UNRWA staff involvement in the October 7 attack are not a one-off, as the links between Hamas and UNRWA are well documented," they argued.

The UK was one of 18 nations to suspend funding for UNRWA after Israel alleged that a dozen of its workers directly took part in the October 7 attack that sparked the bloodiest conflict in the Middle East for decades. The UN has launched its own inquiry into the allegations, and the UK's Foreign Office is waiting for a review into UNRWA's neutrality before making a decision on restoring funding.

Why this matters: The debate over UNRWA funding highlights the complex political dynamics and challenges in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The agency's alleged ties to Hamas and its impact on perpetuating the refugee crisis have significant implications for the prospects of a two-state solution and regional stability.

The MPs emphasized that UNRWA's existence, 75 years after it was created to provide temporary relief, maintains the corrupting idea that refugee status is hereditary, which implies that every Palestinian has a "right to return" and reside in Israel, making a two-state solution impossible. They urged the West to replace UNRWA with another body that can provide the relief it was designed to offer without perpetuating the conflict.

Key Takeaways

  • Tory MPs urge UK not to restore funding to UNRWA, citing Hamas ties.
  • UNRWA accused of radicalizing Palestinians, perpetuating refugee status.
  • UK suspended UNRWA funding after Israel alleged staff involvement in attack.
  • MPs argue UNRWA's existence undermines two-state solution prospects.
  • MPs call for replacing UNRWA with an organization that doesn't perpetuate conflict.