Turkish and Mauritanian Foreign Ministers Discuss Peace and Prosperity in Sahel and Gaza

Turkish FM Fidan and Mauritanian counterpart Merzoug discuss cooperation on peace and stability in Sahel and Gaza, highlighting Turkey's growing ties with Africa and role in Middle East conflicts.

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Turkish and Mauritanian Foreign Ministers Discuss Peace and Prosperity in Sahel and Gaza

Turkish and Mauritanian Foreign Ministers Discuss Peace and Prosperity in Sahel and Gaza

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan met with his Mauritanian counterpart Mohamed Salem Ould Merzoug in Istanbul on Saturday, emphasizing the need for securing peace and economic prosperity in Africa's Sahel region and the Gaza Strip. The meeting focused on the ongoing situations in these two key areas and ways the two countries can cooperate to achieve stability.

Fidan called on the international community to oppose the U.S. veto on Palestine's U.N. bid and recognize the state of Palestine. "It is unjust that Palestine is not allowed to become a member of the UN," Fidan stated. He commended Mauritania's pursuit of peace in Gaza and reiterated Turkey's commitment to working together for an urgent ceasefire and uninterrupted delivery of humanitarian aid.

The two foreign ministers also discussed Turkey's efforts to support stability and security in the Sahel region of Africa. Fidan stressed the importance of bolstering regional counter-terrorism initiatives and praised Mauritania's role as a pillar of stability in the Sahel. Merzoug in turn expressed appreciation for Turkey's advanced capabilities in various fields that could benefit Mauritania.

Why this matters: The meeting highlights the growing diplomatic and economic ties between Turkey and Mauritania, with bilateral trade exceeding $174 million in 2023. It also underscores Turkey's increasing engagement in Africa and its role in mediating conflicts in the Middle East.

In addition to political and security matters, Fidan highlighted Turkey's efforts to strengthen humanitarian and educational bonds with Mauritania. This includes the increasing number of Mauritanian students enrolled in schools operated by the Turkish Maarif Foundation. The ministers also discussed the strategic partnership between Turkey and the African Union in establishing peace, security and prosperity across the continent.

Merzoug expressed deep concern over the humanitarian crisis in the occupied Palestinian territories and called for permanent peace in Gaza. "The situation in the occupied Palestinian territories is concerning," Merzoug stated, emphasizing the need to end the suffering in Gaza and establish lasting peace in the region. The meeting between Fidan and Merzoug demonstrates the shared commitment of Turkey and Mauritania to promoting stability, development and humanitarian relief in both the Sahel and the Palestinian territories.

Key Takeaways

  • Turkey, Mauritania discuss peace, stability in Sahel and Gaza Strip
  • Turkey calls on world to recognize Palestine, oppose U.S. veto on UN bid
  • Turkey, Mauritania aim to boost regional counter-terrorism, humanitarian efforts
  • Bilateral trade between Turkey and Mauritania exceeds $174 million in 2023
  • Turkey, Mauritania share commitment to promoting stability, development in regions