Ukraine Unveils AI Spokesperson for Foreign Ministry

Ukraine's foreign ministry introduces AI spokesperson Victoriya Shi, modeled after singer Rosalie Nombre, to announce consular updates and engage with the public, a bold step in digitizing government services.

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Ukraine Unveils AI Spokesperson for Foreign Ministry

Ukraine Unveils AI Spokesperson for Foreign Ministry

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced a virtual AI spokesperson named Victoriya Shi, modeled after Ukrainian singer and media personality Rosalie Nombre. Victoriya will serve as the official voice of the ministry, announcing consular updates and informing journalists about the work of consuls in protecting the rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens abroad.

Rosalie Nombre agreed to participate in the project pro bono, allowing her likeness to be used for the AI-generated digital persona. The ministry says the use of AI technology will enable real diplomats to be more effective and focus on other critical tasks of providing assistance to citizens.

Why this matters: Ukraine's introduction of an AI spokesperson for its foreign ministry represents a bold step in the country's ongoing efforts to digitize government institutions and processes. This innovative use of AI technology could establish a new standard for how diplomatic services around the world engage with the public and media.

To ensure the authenticity of Victoriya's statements, the ministry has employed measures to counter 'digital counterfeiting,' including QR codes that lead to official statements. This allows the public to verify the information provided by the AI spokesperson.

The creation of this digital consular representative is part of a broader strategy for the systematic implementation of advanced AI technologies in Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry aims to strengthen its capabilities and make a technological leap that no other diplomatic service in the world has achieved.

According to the ministry, the use of an AI-generated digital persona for consular commentary will save time and resources, allowing real diplomats to focus on other critical tasks. "The use of AI technology will allow real diplomats to be more effective and concentrate on other tasks of providing assistance to citizens," the ministry stated.

Key Takeaways

  • Ukraine's foreign ministry introduced AI spokesperson Victoriya Shi.
  • Victoriya is modeled after Ukrainian singer Rosalie Nombre.
  • AI spokesperson aims to enhance consular services and free up diplomats.
  • Measures taken to ensure authenticity, including QR codes.
  • Part of Ukraine's broader strategy to implement advanced AI in diplomacy.