US and Israeli Ambassadors Celebrate Passover in Azerbaijan's Mountain Jewish Village

US Ambassador visits historic Jewish village in Azerbaijan, highlighting cultural significance, religious tolerance, and strong diplomatic ties between the US, Israel, and Azerbaijan.

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US and Israeli Ambassadors Celebrate Passover in Azerbaijan's Mountain Jewish Village

US and Israeli Ambassadors Celebrate Passover in Azerbaijan's Mountain Jewish Village

US Ambassador Mark Libby and his wife Danusia Libby visited the historic village of Krasnaya Sloboda in Azerbaijan's Guba region on April 29, 2024 to celebrate the Passover holiday with the local Mountain Jewish community. During their visit, the ambassador and his wife toured key sites in the village, including the synagogues, museum, and the iconic Tağlı körpü (Arched Bridge).

Krasnaya Sloboda, situated in the mountains of northern Azerbaijan, is home to one of the largest and most ancient Mountain Jewish communities in the world. The village's unique history, culture and well-preserved heritage have made it a site of global significance. Ambassador Libby's Passover visit underscored the strong ties of friendship between the United States and Azerbaijan, as well as the US government's long-standing support for the Jewish community in Krasnaya Sloboda.

Why this matters: Ambassador Libby's visit to Krasnaya Sloboda highlights the cultural and historical importance of Azerbaijan's Mountain Jewish community on a global stage. The celebration of Passover in this unique village showcases the religious tolerance and diversity that Azerbaijan is known for.

During the tour of Krasnaya Sloboda, Ambassador Libby and his wife had the opportunity to directly experience the rich living heritage of the Mountain Jews. The synagogues, museum, and famous Arched Bridge provided glimpses into the centuries-old traditions that continue to flourish in this picturesque corner of Azerbaijan.

The Passover visit by the US Ambassador, coinciding with that of the Israeli Ambassador, emphasizes the strong diplomatic ties and shared values between the United States, Israel, and Azerbaijan. It also recognizes the significance of Krasnaya Sloboda as a symbol of Azerbaijan's long-standing tradition of multiculturalism and interfaith harmony.

Ambassador Libby's presence in Krasnaya Sloboda during Passover serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring spirit of the Mountain Jewish community. Despite historical challenges, they have preserved their unique identity and way of life in this remote village. The ambassador's visit not only celebrated this resilience but also highlighted the potential of Krasnaya Sloboda to gain recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, given its singular cultural legacy.

Key Takeaways

  • US ambassador visited historic Mountain Jewish village in Azerbaijan.
  • Krasnaya Sloboda is home to one of the largest Mountain Jewish communities.
  • Visit underscored US-Azerbaijan friendship and support for Jewish community.
  • Visit highlighted Azerbaijan's religious tolerance and multicultural heritage.
  • Visit recognized Krasnaya Sloboda's potential for UNESCO World Heritage status.