106-Year-Old Italian Woman Receives Pacemaker

106-year-old Italian woman undergoes successful pacemaker surgery, engaging doctors with stories of her life. A remarkable medical feat showcasing advancements in geriatric care.

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106-Year-Old Italian Woman Receives Pacemaker While Chatting With Doctors

106-Year-Old Italian Woman Receives Pacemaker While Chatting With Doctors

In a remarkable medical feat, Aide Borgati, a 106-year-old Italian woman, successfully underwent surgery to receive a pacemaker at a hospital in Cento, Italy. What made the procedure even more extraordinary was that Borgati remained conscious and engaged in conversation with the doctors throughout the operation.

The intervention was led by Dr. Biagio Sassone, the head of cardiology at the hospital. He noted that Borgati was "extremely aware" and had an "intact mental state" during the procedure, which was performed under local anesthesia. As the doctors worked to implant the pacemaker, Borgati entertained them with stories about her life, starting from her birth in 1918 during the midst of World War I. Dr. Sassone described the experience as "like opening a history book."

Implanting a pacemaker in a patient as old as 106 is a rare occurrence, but the operation was completed without any complications. Dr. Sassone was impressed by Borgati's "extraordinary lucidity" and "perfect mental state," describing her as having a "lively mind" and "clarity of thoughts and memories." The day after the procedure, Borgati was discharged and returned to her home.

Why this matters: Borgati's successful pacemaker implantation at the age of 106 showcases the advancements in medical technology and the skill of healthcare professionals in treating patients of advanced age. Her story serves as an inspiration, highlighting the potential for individuals to maintain mental acuity and engage in meaningful interactions even in their later years.

As Borgati and Dr. Sassone parted ways, they expressed hope to see each other again in a dozen years when the pacemaker battery will need to be replaced. "Patients over 107 years old are rare," Dr. Sassone remarked, emphasizing the uniqueness of Borgati's case and the medical team's achievement in successfully treating her.

Key Takeaways

  • 106-year-old Italian woman Aide Borgati received a pacemaker surgery.
  • She remained conscious and engaged in conversation during the procedure.
  • The operation was led by Dr. Biagio Sassone and completed without complications.
  • Borgati's case showcases advancements in geriatric medical care and mental acuity.
  • Doctors hope to see Borgati again in 12 years to replace the pacemaker battery.