23-Year-Old Brazilian Woman Paralyzed After Eating Contaminated Canned Soup in Colorado

23-year-old Brazilian woman left paralyzed after contracting rare botulism from canned soup, highlighting dangers of contaminated food and importance of food safety.

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23-Year-Old Brazilian Woman Paralyzed After Eating Contaminated Canned Soup in Colorado

23-Year-Old Brazilian Woman Paralyzed After Eating Contaminated Canned Soup in Colorado

Claudia de Albuquerque Celada, a 23-year-old woman from Brazil, has been left paralyzed and fighting for her life after contracting a rare bacterial infection, believed to be botulism, from canned soup while on a work exchange program in Aspen, Colorado. Within 24 hours of consuming the soup, every muscle in her body was paralyzed, requiring her to be placed on a ventilator.

Sources close to Albuquerque Celada believe she contracted the disease from contaminated canned soup she obtained while bartering in Aspen. It took doctors at the Swedish Medical Center in Denver, where she is hospitalized, two weeks to diagnose the cause as botulism, a rare infection that affects only about 100 Americans per year.

Why this matters: This incident emphasizes the potential dangers of consuming contaminated canned goods and the importance of proper food safety practices. Botulism is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that requires prompt medical attention and can lead to long-term disability.

Botulism is caused by eating foods contaminated with the C. botulinum bacteria, which attack the nervous system and can cause paralysis. Albuquerque Celada's family was able to fly to Colorado within a week of her hospitalization, and she is expected to need between six months and a year to recover. The Swedish Medical Center has agreed to cover the expenses of her return to Brazil.

Albuquerque Celada was hospitalized on February 17 with symptoms including paralysis, dizziness, double vision, and shortness of breath. She is now on a breathing aid and fighting for her life. Her family is trying to raise funds to pay for her $500,000 hospital debt and an air ambulance to take her back to Brazil, where they believe her recovery will be faster.

"She was diagnosed on March 1," a source familiar with the case stated. "Botulism is a rare condition, affecting only about 100 Americans per year, and is most commonly linked to improperly canned foods."

Botulism cases linked to canned foods have occurred in the past, including a suspected case in Arizona in 2021. This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of proper food handling and the potential consequences of consuming contaminated products. As Albuquerque Celada continues her fight for recovery, her case raises awareness about this rare but serious illness.

Key Takeaways

  • 23-year-old Brazilian woman paralyzed by rare botulism from canned soup
  • Contracted illness during work exchange program in Aspen, Colorado
  • Hospitalized for 2 weeks before diagnosis, now on ventilator and $500k debt
  • Botulism affects ~100 Americans annually, linked to improperly canned foods
  • Incident emphasizes food safety risks and need for prompt medical care