CPI (M) Demands Action Over Acute Medicine Shortage at Port Blair Ayush Hospital

CPI(M) leader urges authorities to address acute medicine shortage at Ayush Hospital in Andaman, impacting low-income patients who struggle to afford private costs.

Rafia Tasleem
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CPI (M) Demands Action Over Acute Medicine Shortage at Port Blair Ayush Hospital

CPI (M) Demands Action Over Acute Medicine Shortage at Port Blair Ayush Hospital

CPI (M) Secretary D. Ayyappan has urged authorities to take immediate action to address the acute shortage of medicines at the Ayush Hospital in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In a letter to the Director of Health Services, Ayyappan expressed concern that almost all medicines prescribed by doctors are currently unavailable at the hospital, forcing patients to purchase them from private medical stores at a significant financial burden.

The medicine shortage has hit low-income patients the hardest, as they struggle to afford the cost of buying prescribed medicines from private pharmacies. "This is causing hardship for patients from the lowest strata of society who cannot afford to buy the medicines from private stores," Ayyappan stated in his letter.

Ayyappan has called on the Director of Health Services to take swift measures to restock the Ayush Hospital with all necessary medicines so that they can be provided to patients as prescribed by the doctors. He emphasized that the hospital primarily serves economically disadvantaged individuals who rely on the availability of affordable medicines.

Why this matters: The acute medicine shortage at the Ayush Hospital in Port Blair highlights the broader issue of healthcare accessibility and affordability for low-income communities. Ensuring that public hospitals are adequately stocked with essential medicines is crucial for providing equitable healthcare services to all segments of society, especially those who cannot afford private healthcare costs.

In addition to demanding immediate action to resolve the current medicine shortage, Ayyappan has also called for an inquiry into the reasons behind the non-availability of medicines at the Ayush Hospital. He stressed the need for appropriate measures to prevent such situations from recurring in the future, ensuring uninterrupted access to prescribed medicines for all patients.

Key Takeaways

  • CPI(M) Secretary D. Ayyappan urges action on medicine shortage at Ayush Hospital.
  • Shortage hits low-income patients hard, forcing them to buy medicines from private stores.
  • Ayyappan calls for restocking hospital with essential medicines to ensure affordability.
  • Medicine shortage highlights broader issue of healthcare accessibility for low-income communities.
  • Ayyappan demands inquiry into reasons for non-availability and measures to prevent recurrence.