'Health Matters' Radio Show Returns with Latest Healthcare Advancements and Wellness Tips from Experts

"Popular 'Health Matters' radio show returns, covering the latest healthcare advancements, wellness tips, and the benefits of exercise for depression. Empowering listeners to take control of their health."

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'Health Matters' Radio Show Returns with Latest Healthcare Advancements and Wellness Tips from Experts

'Health Matters' Radio Show Returns with Latest Healthcare Advancements and Wellness Tips from Experts

The popular 'Health Matters' radio show is making its return to the airwaves, bringing listeners the latest healthcare advancements and wellness advice from industry experts. Hosted by Dr. Sarah Russo, the show aims to cover engaging health topics to help listeners start 2024 on a positive note.

According to the show's producers, 'Health Matters' will feature discussions on a wide range of subjects, including the expanding tick season and protecting against Lyme disease, the health benefits of trees and green spaces, muscle-building obsession in boys, concussions in children, and the importance of colon cancer screening. The show will also highlight recent progress in healthcare and provide valuable tips for maintaining overall wellness.

Why this matters: With an increasing focus on preventive care and holistic well-being, 'Health Matters' serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to stay informed about the latest health trends and advancements. The show's return demonstrates the growing demand for accessible and reliable health information in today's society.

In addition to the featured topics, the show will explore the effectiveness of various types of exercise in managing symptoms of depression. A recent study analyzed the impact of different physical activities, with walking, running, yoga, strength training, and dancing being identified as the most effective forms of exercise when used as the sole treatment for depression. The show's experts emphasize that any consistent exercise is better than none and that combining exercise with therapy and antidepressants can also be beneficial for those struggling with depression.

'Health Matters' is a weekday call-in program hosted by medical experts from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The show covers a broad spectrum of health and wellness topics, including healthy living, behavioral health, general health questions, pediatrics, and women's health. Recent episodes have addressed subjects such as sports physicals, the DASH diet, blood thinners, prostate medications, sleep and dreaming, asthma, eczema, muscle tears, acne infections, communication, lactation and breastfeeding, and insulin and medication dosage.

"We're excited to bring 'Health Matters' back to our listeners and provide them with the most up-to-date information on healthcare and wellness," said Dr. Russo. "Our goal is to empower individuals to take control of their health and make informed decisions about their well-being."

Listeners can participate in the show by sending emails to the designated email addresses and can also stay informed about upcoming health-related events, such as the UMMC Spring Into Wellness 5K & Health Fair, promoted by the show. With its return, 'Health Matters' continues its mission to educate and engage the public on critical health matters, ensuring that listeners have access to the knowledge and resources needed to lead healthier lives.

Key Takeaways

  • Popular 'Health Matters' radio show returns, covering healthcare topics.
  • Show to discuss tick season, benefits of nature, muscle obsession in boys.
  • Exercise proven effective in managing depression symptoms.
  • Show hosted by medical experts, covers wide range of health topics.
  • Show aims to empower listeners to make informed health decisions.