Saudi King Leaves Hospital Following 'Routine' Examinations

Saudi Crown Prince undergoes successful appendicitis surgery, while King Salman undergoes routine hospital check-up, highlighting the close watch on the health of Saudi Arabia's leadership.

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Saudi Crown Prince Undergoes Successful Appendicitis Surgery

Saudi King Leaves Hospital Following 'Routine' Examinations

King Salman of Saudi Arabia was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday after undergoing "routine examinations," as stated by the royal court in a rare public announcement regarding the monarch's health.

The examinations were conducted at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Jeddah, a coastal city on the Red Sea, according to the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA). A previous statement had mentioned that King Salman's hospital visit was expected to last only "a few hours."

King Salman, who is 88 years old, ascended to the throne in 2015. However, his son, Mohammed bin Salman, aged 38, was appointed crown prince in 2017 and functions as the de facto ruler on a day-to-day basis.

State media recently showed footage of King Salman participating in a weekly cabinet meeting, indicating his active involvement in governance.

This hospital visit marks King Salman's first since nearly two years ago when he underwent a colonoscopy at the same hospital in May 2022, staying for over a week for additional tests and recuperation, as reported by SPA at the time.

Saudi Arabia, being the world's largest exporter of crude oil, has consistently sought to dispel rumors and speculation concerning King Salman's health. In 2017, the kingdom refuted reports suggesting the king's intention to abdicate in favor of Prince Mohammed.

Notably, King Salman underwent gall bladder surgery in 2020 and was admitted to the hospital again in March 2022 for successful medical tests and to replace his pacemaker's battery.

Why This Matters:

The public statement about King Salman's hospital visit highlights ongoing interest and scrutiny regarding the health and stability of Saudi Arabia's leadership. It also underscores the kingdom's efforts to maintain transparency and dispel speculation concerning the monarch's well-being.

Key Takeaways:

. King Salman's hospital discharge follows routine examinations, according to the royal court.

. The monarch's health has been a subject of public interest and speculation.

. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman acts as the de facto ruler while King Salman oversees governance.

. The kingdom aims to maintain transparency regarding the health of its leadership amid ongoing global attention.