UNICEF Ambassador Kate Henshaw Monitors Immunization Exercise in Bauchi, Nigeria

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw visits Bauchi, Nigeria to monitor immunization efforts, calls for more healthcare centers and men's involvement to improve maternal and child health.

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UNICEF Ambassador Kate Henshaw Monitors Immunization Exercise in Bauchi, Nigeria

UNICEF Ambassador Kate Henshaw Monitors Immunization Exercise in Bauchi, Nigeria

Kate Henshaw, a Nollywood actress and UNICEF Ambassador, visited Bauchi State, Nigeria on April 18, 2024 to observe immunization exercises. During her visit, she called for the establishment of more Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) to improve access to healthcare and immunization services for mothers and children in the state.

Henshaw was impressed by the turnout of women for the vaccine but noted that the distance and mode of transportation, particularly motorcycles, could be a barrier. She suggested bringing the healthcare services nearer to the people to encourage more participation in immunization and other health programs. "I am not comfortable with nursing mothers carrying babies on motorcycles for the immunization exercise," Henshaw stated during a news conference.

Why this matters: Improving access to immunization and healthcare services is essential for the health and well-being of mothers and children in Nigeria. UNICEF's efforts, along with the support of ambassadors like Kate Henshaw, aim to raise awareness and advocate for better healthcare infrastructure and services in the country.

Dr. Rane Tushar, the UNICEF Chief of Field Office in Bauchi, commended the medical practitioners in the state and urged them to continue sensitizing mothers on the significance of routine and periodic immunization for their children. Henshaw also met with Governor Bala Mohammed during her visit and commended him for the state's achievements in the healthcare sector, particularly in the areas of nutrition, maternal, child, and neonatal services.

The visit included the unveiling of a new nutrition campaign banner to create more awareness on nutrition and exclusive breastfeeding. Henshaw emphasized the importance of the first 1,000 days of a child's life for their development and called for stakeholders to work together to improve maternal and child nutrition.

Governor Bala Mohammed expressed his dedication for the health of mothers and children and welcomed the UNICEF team. The Emir of Dass also received the delegation. Henshaw visited various locations, including Yelwa, where she saw many women bringing their children for immunization. She praised the efforts of the field workers, community workers, and health workers in providing healthcare services to mothers and children, emphasizing the need for men to be involved as partners in this advocacy work.

Key Takeaways

  • Kate Henshaw, UNICEF ambassador, visited Bauchi, Nigeria to observe immunization.
  • Henshaw called for more PHCs to improve healthcare and immunization access.
  • Henshaw praised Bauchi's healthcare achievements but noted transportation barriers.
  • UNICEF and Bauchi governor aim to improve maternal and child nutrition.
  • Henshaw emphasized the need for men's involvement in healthcare advocacy.