CBI Finds Manipur Police Complicit in Gang Rape of Tribal Women During Ethnic Violence

The CBI chargesheet reveals the disturbing complicity of Manipur police in the gang rape of two Kuki Zomi women during ethnic violence, driving them to a mob that paraded and assaulted them.

Nimrah Khatoon
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CBI Finds Manipur Police Complicit in Gang Rape of Tribal Women During Ethnic Violence

CBI Finds Manipur Police Complicit in Gang Rape of Tribal Women During Ethnic Violence

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed a chargesheet alleging the complicity of Manipur Police personnel in the gang rape of two Kuki Zomi women during the Meitei-Kuki violence in Manipur on May 4, 2023. According to the chargesheet, the police drove the victims towards a mob of around 1,000 Meitei rioters in Kangpokpi district. The mob then separated the victims, assaulted them, and gang-raped the two women.

The CBI investigation found that the Manipur police led two tribal women to the mob who then paraded them naked and gang-raped them during the ethnic violence. The chargesheet revealed that the CBI had not made any fresh arrests apart from the six accused first arrested by the Manipur police, and three of the accused were still absconding. The CBI was awaiting sanction from the Manipur government to prosecute the accused under Section 153A of the Indian Penal Code for promoting enmity between groups.

The investigation established the victims' testimonies pointing to the alleged complicity of Manipur police personnel, who refused to help the victims and instead drove them towards the mob, where they were sexually assaulted and paraded naked. The incident also involved the killing of a man who was in the police vehicle with the women.

Why this matters: The CBI's findings highlight the disturbing involvement of law enforcement in the sexual violence against women during the ethnic clashes in Manipur. It raises serious concerns about the role of the police in protecting citizens and maintaining law and order during times of conflict.

The chargesheet states that the mob was heavily armed and had attacked the women's village, burning down all the houses. The women had sought help from the police but were left at the mercy of the mob. The CBI has charged the accused under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including gang rape, murder, and criminal conspiracy.

A video showing the two women being paraded naked surrounded by a mob of men went viral in July 2023, nearly two months after the incident that took place on May 4. The case came to light when a Meitei woman filed a zero FIR with the Bishnupur police station in August 2023, alleging that she was gang-raped on May 3, the day the ethnic violence broke out between the Kuki Zomi and Meitei communities over the granting of Scheduled Tribe status to the latter.

The CBI chargesheet details the gruesome ordeal of the two women, stating, "Despite the women repeatedly begging the crowd to spare them and seeking help from the police, the police drove them towards the violent mob and left the victims at their mercy. The police refused to provide assistance and abandoned the area, leaving the women at the mercy of the mob." The women escaped and spent a night in the jungle before getting any help.

Key Takeaways

  • CBI chargesheet alleges Manipur police complicity in gang rape of 2 Kuki Zomi women.
  • Police drove victims towards mob of 1,000 Meitei rioters who then paraded and gang-raped them.
  • CBI awaits sanction to prosecute accused under IPC Section 153A for promoting enmity.
  • Victims sought police help but were abandoned, left at mercy of violent mob.
  • Video of naked women paraded went viral, case came to light via Meitei woman's FIR.