Egyptian Surgeon Witnesses Devastation in Gaza Amid Ongoing Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Devastating impact of Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Gaza civilians, with 34,356 deaths, 77,368 injuries, and catastrophic humanitarian crisis. Urgent need for ceasefire and international aid.

Hadeel Hashem
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Egyptian Surgeon Witnesses Devastation in Gaza Amid Ongoing Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Egyptian Surgeon Witnesses Devastation in Gaza Amid Ongoing Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Egyptian orthopedic surgeon Ahmed Abdel Aziz recently visited the Gaza Strip for 10 days, where he treated wounded civilians amidst the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Abdel Aziz described the tragedy of total destruction, permanent disabilities, and mass graves in the region. As of April 27, 2024, the conflict has resulted in 34,356 deaths and 77,368 injuries.

The crisis has disproportionately impacted children in Gaza, with over 700,000 displaced and thousands killed or injured. Children have suffered from serious epidemics of gastroenteritis, dehydration, malnutrition, respiratory and skin diseases, and mental health issues, including PTSD. The lack of clean water, disruption in vaccination efforts, and destruction of infrastructure have exacerbated the humanitarian crisis.

Why this matters: Abdel Aziz's firsthand account emphasizes the catastrophic impact of the conflict on the civilian population, particularly the most vulnerable, and the pressing necessity for a resolution to the ongoing crisis. The astonishing number of casualties and the severe humanitarian situation in Gaza underscore the significance of international efforts to broker a ceasefire and provide aid to those affected.

The Occupied Palestinian Territory faces a protracted crisis characterized by over 56 years of Israeli military occupation, the Gaza blockade, internal divisions, and recurrent hostilities. The latest round of fighting, which began in October 2023, has caused unprecedented levels of destruction and suffering, displacing nearly all of Gaza's 2.3 million people. The humanitarian community is working to address the needs of affected Palestinians, but the severity of needs is likely to increase if the war continues.

UN demining experts estimate it could take 14 years and 750,000 person-workdays to remove the estimated 37 million tonnes of debris and unexploded ordnance left behind by the intense Israeli bombardment. The UN has warned of an imminent famine in northern Gaza due to insufficient aid access, and has appealed for safe passage for a humanitarian aid flotilla to the region.

Healthcare workers in Gaza have witnessed the devastating toll of the war, treating severely wounded patients and performing amputations without anesthesia. "Not a single hospital is fully functional in Gaza," said a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) staff member, describing the constant noise from drones, displacement of families, and the feeling of being failed by the world.

Efforts are underway to reignite stalled ceasefire negotiations, including the potential release of hostages held by Hamas. Egypt has sent a high-level delegation to <a href="

Key Takeaways

  • Egyptian surgeon witnessed destruction, disabilities, mass graves in Gaza
  • Conflict has killed 34,356 and injured 77,368 as of April 2024
  • Over 700,000 children displaced, facing epidemics and mental health issues
  • UN warns of imminent famine, 37M tons of debris, 14 years to clear
  • Gaza hospitals non-functional, healthcare workers overwhelmed by casualties