Elliot Page Discusses Activism, Writing, and Upcoming Projects at TIME100 Summit

Elliot Page shares his inspiring journey since coming out as transgender, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and using his platform to drive greater understanding and acceptance.

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Elliot Page Discusses Activism, Writing, and Upcoming Projects at TIME100 Summit

Elliot Page Discusses Activism, Writing, and Upcoming Projects at TIME100 Summit

Actor and LGBTQ+ activist Elliot Page took the stage at the 2024 TIME100 Summit in New York City to discuss his path since coming out as transgender in 2020. The 37-year-old star of Netflix's "The Umbrella Academy" shared his experiences, personal projects, and hopes for the future during the event.

Page recounted the moment he came out on Instagram, saying he felt "utterly elated and beyond grateful" to finally accept and love himself. He revealed that one of the first people he told was "The Umbrella Academy" showrunner Steve Blackman, who worked with Page to incorporate his transition into the show's storyline. "Steve was incredibly supportive," Page noted.

Since his announcement, Page has been busy with both personal and professional endeavors. He filmed two more seasons of "The Umbrella Academy" and published a bestselling memoir titled "Pageboy" in 2023. Writing has been a source of comfort for Page during his path. "It has helped me move past unhealthy, toxic thinking," he shared.

Why this matters: Page's openness about his transition and activism sheds light on the challenges and triumphs faced by the transgender community. His visibility and advocacy work contribute to greater understanding and acceptance of trans individuals in society.

Looking ahead, Page expressed excitement about taking on varied acting roles that may be easier to embody post-transition. However, he acknowledged that Hollywood still lacks adequate representation for trans people. "There is much more work to be done," he emphasized.

Beyond his career, Page has been a vocal advocate against proposed rollbacks of laws protecting trans people in his home country of Canada. He finds hope and inspiration in his community and the work of other LGBTQ+ activists and allies, such as British writer Travis Alabanza and Canadian filmmaker Chase Joynt.

Page's appearance at the TIME100 Summit served as a powerful reminder of his coming out and the importance of trans visibility. "I knew from the age of four that I should have been born male," he shared, noting that this sentiment has been a clear memory since childhood. As Page continues to use his platform for activism and storytelling, he remains committed to creating a more inclusive and understanding world for all.

Key Takeaways

  • Elliot Page, actor and LGBTQ+ activist, shared his transition journey at TIME100 Summit.
  • Page's coming out in 2020 and incorporation into "The Umbrella Academy" storyline.
  • Page published a memoir "Pageboy" in 2023 and continues acting and advocacy work.
  • Page advocates for trans rights and visibility, highlighting Hollywood's lack of representation.
  • Page's openness aims to foster greater understanding and acceptance of the trans community.