EU Parliament Condemns Hong Kong's Jailing of EU Citizen on National Security Charges

The EU Parliament strongly condemns the jailing of an EU citizen in Hong Kong on "politically motivated" national security charges, highlighting the erosion of civil liberties under China's tightening control, and calls for immediate release of activists.

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EU Parliament Condemns Hong Kong's Jailing of EU Citizen on National Security Charges

EU Parliament Condemns Hong Kong's Jailing of EU Citizen on National Security Charges

The European Parliament has strongly condemned the jailing of an EU citizen, Aleksejs Sadinovs, by Hong Kong authorities on national security charges. Sadinovs was sentenced to 5 years and 9 months in prison for allegedly violating the national security law. The EU Parliament called the charges and conviction "politically motivated" and demanded Sadinovs' immediate release.

This case highlights the ongoing concerns over the erosion of civil liberties and the rule of law in Hong Kong under China's tightening control. The Parliament's condemnation emphasizes the tensions between the EU and China over human rights issues in the former British colony.

The resolution adopted by the European Parliament also criticized the jailing of other pro-democracy activists, including Andy Li, Joseph John, and media mogul Jimmy Lai, under Hong Kong's national security law. The Parliament urged the Hong Kong government to immediately and unconditionally release these individuals and drop all charges against them.

Why this matters: The EU Parliament's condemnation of Hong Kong's actions against an EU citizen and pro-democracy activists reflects the growing international concern over the deterioration of human rights and political freedoms in the city. This case further strains the relationship between the EU and China, as the EU takes a stronger stance in defending the rights of its citizens and the principles of democracy and rule of law.

The Parliament condemned the adoption of the Safeguarding National Security Ordonnance (SNSO), which expanded the National Security Law (NSL) imposed by China, and urged China and Hong Kong to repeal both laws. It also demanded that the Council review its 2020 Conclusions on Hong Kong and adopt sanctions under the EU global human rights sanctions regime against Chief Executive John Lee and all officials responsible for the crackdown on freedoms in Hong Kong.

The resolution highlighted the Hong Kong government's campaign against press freedom, including the prosecution of at least 28 journalists and the forced shutdown of major independent media outlets. It called on authorities to stop harassing and prosecuting journalists and to respect press freedom and international law.

The European Parliament's unanimous adoption of this urgent resolution sends a clear signal to the Hong Kong government that the EU stands firmly in support of its citizens, pro-democracy activists, and the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people of Hong Kong. The Parliament's call for sanctions and the suspension of extradition treaties with China and Hong Kong underscores the seriousness of the EU's concerns and its willingness to take concrete actions to address the ongoing human rights violations in the city.

Key Takeaways

  • EU Parliament condemns jailing of EU citizen Aleksejs Sadinovs by Hong Kong on security charges.
  • Parliament calls charges "politically motivated" and demands Sadinovs' immediate release.
  • Parliament criticizes jailing of other pro-democracy activists under Hong Kong's national security law.
  • Parliament urges Hong Kong to repeal national security laws and stop harassing journalists.
  • Parliament calls for sanctions and suspension of extradition treaties with China and Hong Kong.