UN Urged to Investigate Alleged Massacres in Gaza by Civil Defense Agency

Disturbing discovery of mass graves in Gaza with signs of torture and execution, raising concerns about potential war crimes by Israeli forces. Urgent calls for independent international investigation.

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Gaza Civil Defense Urges UN Probe into Alleged Israeli 'Mass Massacres' After Finding 392 Bodies in Mass Graves

UN Urged to Investigate Alleged Massacres in Gaza by Civil Defense Agency

The Gaza Civil Defense Agency has called on the United Nations to investigate alleged 'mass massacres' committed by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip. The agency reported uncovering 392 bodies in three mass graves at the Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, amid reports of over 500 people disappearing following an Israeli ground invasion.

According to Mohammed Al Mughayer, a Gaza civil defense official, some of the bodies were found with tied hands, opened abdomens, and stitched in an unusual manner, raising suspicions of organ theft. A man and a mutilated young girl were discovered wearing hospital gowns, suggesting they may have been buried alive. Other bodies had bound hands, wore white robes used by the Israeli army, and had gunshot wounds to the head, indicating possible executions.

The agency is demanding a swift international investigation into these alleged crimes against humanity and field executions by the Israeli army at the Nasser Hospital. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, has called for an independent probe, and the European Union has backed this call. The deceased include older people, women, and wounded individuals, some of whom were found tied up and stripped of their clothes.

Why this matters: The discovery of mass graves containing hundreds of bodies with signs of torture and execution raises serious concerns about potential war crimes committed by Israeli forces in Gaza. An independent international investigation is critical to uncover the truth, hold those responsible accountable, and ensure justice for the victims and their families.

The Israeli Defense Force has denied the claims, stating that the grave in question was dug by Gazans a few months ago. However, Gazan authorities allege that Israeli troops added bodies to the grave site. The situation has raised grave concerns about possible war crimes, and the UN is seeking answers and a thorough investigation into the matter. "The consequences of violating laws on mass graves could include charges brought by the International Criminal Court," said a UN official.

Key Takeaways

  • Gaza civil defense agency found 392 bodies in mass graves at Nasser Hospital.
  • Some bodies had signs of torture, organ theft, and possible executions.
  • UN and EU call for independent probe into alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza.
  • Israel denies claims, but Gazans allege Israeli troops added bodies to graves.
  • Potential ICC charges for violations of laws on mass graves.