Mass Graves Discovered in Gaza Amid Ongoing Conflict

The UN has reported finding mass graves in Gaza, with hundreds of bodies, some with hands tied. This underscores the urgent need for an independent investigation into potential war crimes during the conflict.

Muthana Al-Najjar
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Mass Graves Discovered in Gaza Amid Ongoing Conflict

Mass Graves Discovered in Gaza Amid Ongoing Conflict

The United Nations human rights office has reported the finding of mass graves outside two hospitals in Gaza, containing hundreds of bodies, some with their hands tied and stripped of clothes. At Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, 283 bodies were found, while 30 Palestinians were found dead in two graves outside Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. "As the conflict settles, the true cost of this conflict is becoming clearer, with the finding of mass graves adding to the already devastating toll on civilians," said the UN human rights chief, describing the killings as potential war crimes.

The Israeli military has denied burying Palestinian bodies, stating they were examining the area for possible hostages. However, the UN has called for an independent probe into the reported finding of mass graves at the two Gaza hospitals destroyed in Israeli sieges. The European Union has also backed the UN's demand for an investigation.

Gaza's Health Ministry reported that the ongoing war has killed at least 34,183 Palestinians, including 14,685 children and 9,670 women, with over 77,000 injured and 7,000 missing. Recent Israeli strikes in Rafah killed 22 people, 18 of them children. The UN warned that a large incursion into Rafah would risk more deaths and displacement, as an estimated 1.5 million Gazans have taken refuge in the southern city.

Why this matters: The finding of mass graves and the staggering civilian death toll underscore the urgent need for an independent investigation into potential war crimes committed during the Gaza conflict. The international community is increasingly pressuring Israel to allow unimpeded humanitarian aid to reach the desperate population of Gaza, where 85% have been internally displaced amid a crippling blockade of essential supplies.

US President Joe Biden has demanded that new humanitarian aid be allowed to immediately reach Palestinians in Gaza as Israel fights Hamas. The US is considering a foreign aid package that would provide $17 billion in military aid to Israel and $9 billion in humanitarian aid for Gaza. Turkish President Erdogan has said efforts to hide Israel's atrocities and massacres in Gaza should not be allowed, and Türkiye will continue to intensify its efforts to achieve a ceasefire and ensure uninterrupted humanitarian aid reaches the besieged enclave.

Key Takeaways

  • UN reports finding mass graves with hundreds of bodies near Gaza hospitals
  • UN calls for probe into potential war crimes, EU backs demand for investigation
  • Gaza conflict has killed over 34,000 Palestinians, including 14,685 children
  • US to provide $17B military aid to Israel, $9B humanitarian aid for Gaza
  • Turkey vows to continue efforts for ceasefire, uninterrupted aid to Gaza