SERAP Demands Accountability for Trillions in FAAC Allocations from Nigerian Governors

SERAP demands 36 Nigerian state governors and FCT minister account for trillions in FAAC allocations, threatens legal action over lack of transparency and accountability.

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SERAP Demands Accountability for Trillions in FAAC Allocations from Nigerian Governors

SERAP Demands Accountability for Trillions in FAAC Allocations from Nigerian Governors

The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has demanded that Nigeria's 36 state governors and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister account for the spending of trillions of naira in Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) allocations received since 2019, or face legal action. This demand comes on the heels of reports that the FAAC disbursed a staggering N1.123 trillion to federal, state, and local governments in March 2024 alone, with states receiving N398.689 billion.

In Freedom of Information requests sent to the governors and FCT Minister, SERAP urged them to provide documents detailing the expenditure of FAAC allocations and to invite the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to track and monitor the spending. SERAP emphasized that secrecy in the spending of FAAC allocations is inconsistent with Nigeria's constitution and international anti-corruption obligations, and that transparency is crucial for Nigerians to monitor the actions of their states and the FCT.

Why this matters: The alleged mismanagement and lack of accountability in the spending of trillions of FAAC allocations pose a direct threat to the human rights and welfare of socially and economically vulnerable Nigerians. Transparency in the utilization of these public funds is essential for promoting good governance, upholding citizens' rights to information, and ensuring the security and welfare of the Nigerian people.

SERAP cited concerns about the persistent lack of transparency and accountability in the spending of FAAC allocations, which have allegedly been mismanaged, diverted, or used for purposes such as election campaigns and political patronage, despite the widespread poverty and lack of access to basic public services among Nigerians. The organization requested that the state governments and FCT provide documents on the spending of FAAC allocations, publish details of projects completed, salaries and pensions paid, and spending on hospitals and schools.

"Nigerians have the right to know how their state governments and the FCT spend FAAC allocations to enable them to hold their governments to account and to enjoy the benefits of a transparent and accountable government," SERAP stated in the Freedom of Information requests. The organization warned that if the requested measures are not taken within 7 days, it will consider appropriate legal actions to compel compliance in the public interest.

Key Takeaways

  • SERAP demands 36 state govs & FCT minister account for FAAC allocations since 2019.
  • FAAC disbursed ₦1.123 trillion to FG, states & LGs in March 2024 alone.
  • SERAP urges transparency, inviting ICPC & EFCC to monitor FAAC allocations spending.
  • Alleged mismanagement of FAAC funds threatens Nigerians' rights & welfare.
  • SERAP warns of legal action if govs fail to account for FAAC allocations in 7 days.