Brazilian Authorities Bury Migrants Found Dead on Boat from Africa

Tragic incident as 9 unidentified African migrants found dead on boat drifting to Brazil's coast, highlighting the dangers of perilous migration journeys. Authorities work to identify victims and return bodies to families.

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Brazilian Authorities Bury Migrants Found Dead on Boat from Africa

Brazilian Authorities Bury Migrants Found Dead on Boat from Africa

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, Brazilian authorities held a solemn ceremony to bury the remains of nine unidentified migrants at the Sao Jorge cemetery in Belem, Para state, Brazil. The migrants were found dead on a boat that had drifted from Africa to the northern coast of Brazil's Amazon region.

The boat was discovered adrift on April 13, carrying the decomposing bodies of adults or teenagers. Documents found in the vessel indicated that the victims were migrants from Mali and Mauritania, and the boat had departed Mauritania after January 17. The boat was also carrying 25 raincoats and 27 mobile phones, suggesting that the original number of passengers was significantly higher and may have included people of other nationalities.

The burial ceremony was organized by various groups, including the UN Refugee Agency, Red Cross, and International Organization for Migration, as well as Brazilian police, navy, and civil defense agencies. The manner of the burial was chosen to allow for possible future exhumations if the victims' families are located and wish to transfer the bodies back to their home countries.

Why this matters: The tragic incident highlights the dangerous journey undertaken by migrants attempting to reach South America from Africa. It emphasizes the need for international cooperation to address the root causes of migration and ensure the safety and dignity of those seeking a better life.

Brazilian authorities are conducting forensic examinations of the remains and are in contact with Interpol and foreign organizations to identify the victims and provide eventual results. The hazardous Atlantic crossing from northwest Africa to Europe has seen a 500% spike in attempts this year, with the majority departing from Mauritania. Many migrants die of dehydration and malnutrition during the treacherous journey.

Families in Mauritania have set up a commission to search for their missing loved ones and are closely following the news from Brazil. "We are in contact with the Brazilian authorities through the Mauritanian Embassy in Brazil to follow the case and recover the bodies," said Cheikh Ould Mahjoub, president of the commission.

Key Takeaways

  • 9 unidentified migrants from Mali, Mauritania buried in Brazil
  • Migrants found dead on boat that drifted from Africa to Brazil
  • Burial organized by UN, Red Cross, IOM, Brazilian authorities
  • Dangerous Atlantic crossing from Africa to Europe spiked 500%
  • Mauritanian families searching for missing loved ones in Brazil