UPDATE: Military Officer Shot Dead by Land Guard in Kasoa, Ghana Over Land Dispute

Military officer shot dead in Ghana over land dispute, highlighting issues of corruption and ineffective law enforcement in addressing such conflicts.

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UPDATE: Military Officer Shot Dead by Land Guard in Kasoa, Ghana Over Land Dispute

UPDATE: Military Officer Shot Dead by Land Guard in Kasoa, Ghana Over Land Dispute

On April 30, 2024, Lance Corporal Danso Michael was shot and killed by a landguard named Ben Lord at the Millennium City Police Station in Kasoa, Ghana. The incident occurred following a dispute over a half plot of land owned by Lance Corporal Omar, a colleague of the deceased officer.

According to reports, the shooting stemmed from a long-standing disagreement over land ownership. Danso Michael's brother had purchased the land on behalf of the military officers. Still, a group led by Ben Lord, an alleged landguard, repeatedly obstructed their attempts to develop the property. When Danso Michael and his companions visited the disputed land to assess the situation, tensions escalated, and Lord allegedly opened fire on their vehicle, fatally wounding Danso Michael while the other officers narrowly escaped.

Before the shooting, the military officers had reported the land dispute to the Millennium City District Police Command, but the situation remained unresolved. Kofi Asmah, the owner of 21st Century Construction Company who sold the land, accused the local police of failing to address the issue effectively, suggesting that corruption and alleged collusion between some officers and land guards may have played a role.

The incident took place when Danso Michael and two other officers confronted individuals working on the land they claimed as theirs. As the disagreement intensified, the officers attempted to settle the matter at the police station. Still, they were informed that their case had been forwarded to the Central East Regional Police Command. While en route to the regional command to follow up on their complaint, the officers were allegedly ordered by Ben Lord, identified as a sub-chief, to halt their pursuit of the case. When they refused, Lord reportedly opened fire, killing Danso Michael instantly.

Why this matters: The shooting of Lance Corporal Danso Michael highlights the ongoing issue of land disputes and the alleged involvement of land guards in Ghana. The incident raises concerns about the effectiveness of local law enforcement in addressing such conflicts and the potential for corruption within their ranks.

The Millennium City District Police Command has arrested Ben Lord in connection with the shooting, and an investigation is currently underway. The Ghana Police Service and Ghana Armed Forces have not yet released official statements regarding the incident. As the probe continues, residents of Millennium City remain fearful of the alleged collusion between police officers and land guards, which they believe is contributing to the persistent problem of land disputes in the area.

Key Takeaways

  • Military officer Danso Michael was shot dead in a land dispute at Kasoa, Ghana
  • Dispute over half-plot of land owned by colleague Omar; land guard Ben Lord accused
  • Police failed to resolve prior land dispute, alleged collusion with land guards
  • Ben Lord arrested, investigation ongoing; residents fear police-land guard nexus
  • The incident highlights land disputes and alleged corruption in Ghana law enforcement