Devastating Floods in Kazakhstan Claim 7 Lives, Leave 4 Missing

Devastating floods in Kazakhstan displace over 125,000, with billionaires and companies donating millions to aid relief efforts. The government is providing compensation and rebuilding homes for the affected residents.

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Devastating Floods in Kazakhstan Claim 7 Lives, Leave 4 Missing

Devastating Floods in Kazakhstan Claim 7 Lives, Leave 4 Missing

Severe flooding caused by heavy rains and rapid snowmelt has led to a tragic situation in Kazakhstan, where at least 7 people have lost their lives and 4 others are reported missing. The floods have forced the evacuation of over 125,000 people across the affected regions, with entire districts submerged in cities like Petropavl, Kazakhstan. "Authorities in both countries have been ordering evacuations as the floodwaters continue to rise, with forecasts indicating the worst may be yet to come," according to reports from the affected areas.

The flooding was caused by a combination of rapid snowmelt and heavy rain, which swelled the tributaries of the Ob River, one of the world's largest river systems. In the northern Kazakh city of Petropavlovsk, nearly 1,000 houses have been flooded, and over 5,000 people have been evacuated. The city's main water reservoir has also been flooded, leading to interruptions in power and water supply. Residents in some areas have had to take matters into their own hands, raising funds to build dams to protect their homes.

In response to the crisis, Kazakhstani billionaires and major companies have come forward to assist the residents affected by the floods. Bulat Utemuratov, Kazakhstan's sixth-richest person, has allocated 10 billion tenge to aid the residents of the Aktobe region. Timur Kulibayev, ranked second in Forbes Kazakhstan, is donating 30 billion tenge to support the flood-hit Atyrau region. Several companies, including Kazakhmys Companies Group, KAZ Minerals, AltynAlmas, Karazhyra, and RBK Bank, are allocating an additional 40 billion tenge to support those affected by the floods.

Why this matters: The devastating floods in Kazakhstan have not only claimed lives and left people missing but have also displaced a significant portion of the population, with over 125,000 people forced to evacuate their homes. The widespread damage to infrastructure and the interruption of essential services like power and water supply underscore the severity of the situation and the urgent need for relief efforts.

The Kazakh government has initiated a comprehensive assessment and compensation process for the affected residents. So far, 13,577 applications have been submitted, and over 5,800 families have received a one-time payment of 369,200 tenge (around $800) for a total of over 2 billion tenge. Additionally, 877 families have received compensation for material damage, and 38.9 million tenge has been paid for the loss of farm animals. The assessment has revealed that 794 homes are eligible for rebuilding, and 701 are fully destroyed. Compensations worth 218.6 million tenge have been provided to 197 families for housing repairs, and 33 families have been provided with new housing. Construction of housing for the flood-affected residents in Pavlodar, Karaganda, and Aktobe regions has begun.

Key Takeaways

  • Severe floods in Kazakhstan killed 7, left 4 missing, and displaced 125,000+.
  • Floods caused by heavy rains and rapid snowmelt, submerging entire districts.
  • Kazakh billionaires and companies donated over $100 million to aid flood victims.
  • Govt. provided $800 one-time payments to 5,800+ families, housing compensation.
  • 794 homes eligible for rebuilding, 701 fully destroyed, construction underway.