Controversy and Chaos Mar Eurovision 2024 in Sweden

Dutch artist Joost Klein was barred from the Eurovision Song Contest dress rehearsal due to an unspecified incident, sparking protests and disruptions. The competition has been marred by controversy, including criticism of UK representative Olly Alexander's performance and a heated exchange between Israel's Eden Golan and Joost Klein.

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Controversy and Chaos Mar Eurovision 2024 in Sweden

Controversy and Chaos Mar Eurovision 2024 in Sweden

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden, has been marred by controversy, protests, and disruptions. The competition, which returned after Swedish singer Loreen's victory last year in Liverpool, has seen a turbulent start.

Dutch artist Joost Klein was barred from participating in the dress rehearsal on Friday evening due to an unspecified incident. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) released a statement saying they are investigating the incident and Klein will not rehearse until further notice. Swedish TV network SVT reported a physical confrontation between Klein and a photographer.

UK representative Olly Alexander faced criticism for his semi-final performance, with some viewers claiming he was off-key and out of tune. Alexander took to social media to address the feedback, admitting to feeling tired and emotional. "I'm just quite tired really. Tired in a deep emotional spiritual level," he shared.

Friday's jury performance descended into chaos when boos filled the air after an announcement revealed that Joost Klein would not be performing live on stage. The crowd's reaction was so overwhelming that the show was reportedly halted. One viewer proclaimed, "This year's contest is in complete disrepute."

Earlier in the week, Israel's contestant Eden Golan secured her place in Saturday's show amidst a crowd of boos during the semi-finals. Golan was involved in a heated exchange with Joost Klein at Thursday's press conference, where Klein questioned her role in the competition.

A scheduled press conference with representatives from the UK, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France was cancelled last minute, with organizers citing that all artists were focusing on rehearsals.

The Eurovision Song Contest has a long history of iconic and bizarre acts since its inception in 1956. Notable past performances include Bucks Fizz, Dana, Russian grannies, Dustin the Turkey, Lordi, and a gorilla crashing Italy's performance. However, the 2024 edition in Sweden is shaping up to be one of the most controversial in recent memory.