Doctor Who Returns with New Doctor, Companion in 'Space Babies'

Ncuti Gatwa debuts as the Fifteenth Doctor alongside Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday in the 14th season premiere of Doctor Who. The episode, "Space Babies," takes the duo on a futuristic adventure to a Baby Farm in space, where they battle monsters and uncover the truth behind the facility.

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Doctor Who Returns with New Doctor, Companion in 'Space Babies'

Doctor Who Returns with New Doctor, Companion in 'Space Babies'

The highly anticipated 14th season ofDoctor Whopremiered on Disney and BBC iPlayer, introducing Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor and Millie Gibson as his new companion, Ruby Sunday. The season opener, titled 'Space Babies,' takes the iconic duo on a futuristic adventure to a Baby Farm in the far reaches of space.

Gatwa, known for his role in the Netflixseries Sex Education, becomes the firstdoctorto enjoy a global launch. He stars alongside rising talent Millie Gibson, forming an instantly captivating partnership. "Millie was the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle of creating The Doctor,"Gatwa said of his co-star. The duo's chemistry is palpable as they battle monsters and malevolent beings across time and space.

The premiere episode wastes no time in establishing the newdoctor's identity, with Gatwa delivering the iconic introductory line,"I'm The Doctor,"within the first five minutes. The actor revealed he practiced the line for half an hour to get it just right, feeling the weight of responsibility to nail the crucial moment. Gibson, impressed by Gatwa's performance, said it gave her goosebumps.

In 'Space Babies,' the Doctor and Ruby find themselves on a seemingly vacant space station in the year 21506, orbiting a human colony planet. They soon discover the station is a 'baby farm,' where infants are grown for colony projects and cared for by a robotic nanny called NAN E, played by Golda Rosheuvel. The episode explores themes of abandonment and identity as the duo uncovers the truth behind the mysterious facility.

The premiere also features a terrifying adversary known as 'The Bogeyman,' a monster composed of the children's mucus brought to life by the station's malfunctioning educational software. Gatwa and Gibson praised the craft of the actors portraying the creature, acknowledging the difficulty and skill required to bring suchcharacters to life. The Bogeyman serves as a chilling reminder of the importance of proper childcare and the consequences of neglect.

Throughout the episode, the Doctor imparts wisdom and reassurance to the abandoned children, emphasizing that "no one grows up wrong, and that being unique is a superpower." This message resonates strongly with both the characters and the audience, showcasing the power of the show's writing. Gatwa and Gibson recognize the importance of bringing these words to life, ensuring they do justice to the script.

'Space Babies' marks a triumphant return for Doctor Who, with Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson breathing new life into the beloved franchise. The episode balances humor, heart, and horror, delivering a thrilling adventure that sets the stage for an exciting season ahead. As the Doctor and Ruby continue their journey through time and space, viewers can expect more surprises, challenges, andrevelationsin the coming weeks.