Film Producer Criticizes AGN's Suspension of Movie After Boat Mishap Kills Actor

Film producer criticizes Nigerian Actors Guild for suspending movie after boat mishap killed actor, highlighting ongoing safety issues in the industry that need stricter regulations to protect lives.

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Film Producer Criticizes AGN's Suspension of Movie After Boat Mishap Kills Actor

Film Producer Criticizes AGN's Suspension of Movie After Boat Mishap Kills Actor

Film producer Michael Ofuonye has criticized the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) for suspending Adanma Luke's movie "Another Side of Life" after a boat mishap killed actor Jnr Pope and four others during filming. Ofuonye recalled a similar experience 18 years ago that led to the death of actor JT Tom-West and the loss of millions of naira invested in an unreleased movie.

The tragic boat accident occurred while filming a scene for Luke's movie "The Other Side of Life". AGN President Emeka Rollas stated that their lawyers are preparing to sue the producer and her association, the Association of Movie Producers (AMP), for negligence and failure to provide necessary safety precautions for the actors and crew members. The AGN has also announced an indefinite suspension of any film involving riverine areas and boat riding, as well as an indefinite ban on actors working with Luke as a producer until further notice.

Why this matters: This tragedy highlights the ongoing safety issues and lack of proper precautions in the Nigerian film industry. It emphasizes the need for stricter regulations and oversight to prevent such accidents and protect the lives of actors and crew members on film sets.

However, AMP president Blessing Ebigieson defended Luke against accusations of negligence, stating that the producer had provided life jackets for the crew, but Pope allegedly refused to wear one, claiming it was "dirty". Ebigieson expressed disappointment in Pope's actions, saying as a "big celebrity", he should have demanded a clean life jacket or refused to proceed with the shoot until one was provided. The incident has compelled the association to formalize safety protocols to prevent future tragedies.

Rollas recalled a similar incident 18 years ago where a producer hired an unlicensed driver who hit and almost killed an actor, costing the AGN millions of naira for the actor's treatment. Ofuonye, who lost actor JT Tom-West and millions invested in an unreleased movie due to a comparable mishap, criticized the AGN's handling of the current situation. The film industry in Nigeria continues to grapple with implementing and enforcing adequate safety measures to protect the lives of those involved in productions.

Key Takeaways

  • AGN suspended Adanma Luke's movie after a boat mishap killed 5 people during filming.
  • AGN to sue Luke and her association for negligence and lack of safety precautions.
  • AMP president defended Luke, stating the actor refused to wear a provided life jacket.
  • Similar incidents in the past have cost producers millions and led to actor deaths.
  • The Nigerian film industry struggles to implement and enforce adequate safety measures.