Grupo Frontera Blends Tradition and Innovation on Sophomore Album

Grupo Frontera releases sophomore album "Jugando Que No Pasa Nada", blending traditional regional Mexican music with modern styles. The album features collaborations with Latin music stars Maluma, Nicki Nicole, Morat, and Christian Nodal.

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Grupo Frontera Blends Tradition and Innovation on Sophomore Album

Grupo Frontera Blends Tradition and Innovation on Sophomore Album

Grupo Frontera, the Texas-based regional Mexican music, global, new sextet, has released their highly anticipated sophomore album "Jugando Que No Pasa Nada" (Pretending Nothing's Wrong). The 12-track set, which dropped on Friday, showcases the group's signature blend of traditional regional Mexican music with modern styles like electronic, R&B, and bachata.

The album features an impressive lineup of collaborations with some of Latin music's biggest stars. Maluma joins the group on "Por Qué Será", a heartbreak ranchera that reflects on the pain of unrequited love. "I wish I could go back to the day we met / So I wouldn't go / I wish there was a button to turn off feelings / To not suffer so much, to not suffer anymore," lyrics Maluma sings. Other notable collaborations include Nicki Nicole on the tribal guarachero-inspired "Desquite", Morat on the social media sensation "Los Dos", and Christian Nodal on the chart-topping "Ya Pedo Quien Sabe".

"Jugando Que No Pasa Nada" marks a significant milestone for Grupo Frontera as they continue to push the boundaries of traditional Mexicanand appeal to a global audience. "We've had a lot of success as a cumbia group, but we are more than that. We're a band that can play different styles, and all of us have different music tastes,"says vocalist Adelaido "Payo" Solís. The album's diverse sounds are a testament to this, with tracks like "F*ckin Amor" and "Me Hizo Un Favor" venturing into R&B, pop, and even country territory.

The album follows Grupo Frontera's meteoric rise to fame, which began in 2022 with their viral TikTok cover of Morat's "No Se Va". The track later reached the Billboard Hot 100, prompting the band members to quit their day jobs and link up with superstar producer Édgar Barrera. Their biggest hit to date, "Un x100to" with Bad Bunny, peaked at No. 5 on the Hot 100 and earned them a Latin Grammy. Collaborations with Shakira and Manuel Turizo further solidified their as a go-to act for streaming juggernauts.

Despite their rapid ascent, Grupo Frontera remains grounded in their mission to bring the music they love to the masses. "This is thewe love, the music we grew up listening to and in a way, it's almost like a reminder for our audience that, as Mexicans — even if you don't speak any Spanish but you grew up listening to music in Spanish, English, whatever — we can exist in all of these [facets] of music and expressions,"Payo explains. With "Jugando Que No Pasa Nada", Grupo Frontera continues to provide more options for young Latin and Hispanic listeners to hear their native tongue over a variety of, cementing their status as frontrunners in the global rise of regional Mexican music.