'Hacks' Returns for Season 3 on HBO Max After Two-Year Hiatus

HBO Max's comedy series "Hacks" returns for its third season on May 2, exploring the complex relationship between comedian Deborah Vance and writer Ava Daniels. The nine-episode season delves into themes of ambition, identity, and work relationships, featuring a talented ensemble cast.

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'Hacks' Returns forSeason 3on HBO Max After Two-Year Hiatus

'Hacks' Returns for Season 3 on HBO Max After Two-Year Hiatus

The critically acclaimed comedy series "Hacks" is back for its highly anticipated third season on HBO Max, premiering on Thursday, May 2. The Emmy Award-winning show, starring Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder, continues to explore the complex relationship between legendary comedian Deborah Vance and her young writer Ava Daniels as they traverse the ever-changing terrain of the entertainment industry.

Season 3 of "Hacks" consists of nine sharp and succinct episodes, with the first two available for streaming on HBO Max starting May 2. Two new episodes will be released every Thursday until the finale on May 30. Subscribers can sign up for HBO Max, starting at $9.99 per month for the ad-supported plan, to watch "Hacks" along with a vast library of TV shows, movies, live sports, and news.

The new season picks up a year after Deborah and Ava's separation, with Ava thriving in a coveted staff writing job and Deborah riding high off the success of her comedy special. However, their paths cross once again when Deborah pursues her dream of hosting a late-night talk show, leading her to rehire Ava in the second episode. As the season unfolds, "Hacks" delves into themes of ambition, identity, and the complexities of work relationships.

One of the show's greatest strengths lies in its clever exploration of the central characters' relationship to their work. As Hannah Einbinder notes,"Hacks" employs a "sneakily brilliant trick of making a rom-com about work,"as evidenced by Ava's heartfelt declaration to Deborah in Season 2: "I want to be wherever you are." This dynamic continues to be a driving force in Season 3, with characters grappling with their identities and the challenges that come with untethering themselves from their jobs.

In addition to the compelling lead performances by Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder, "Hacks" boasts a diverse array of supporting characters who bring depth and humor to the series. The ensemble cast includes Paul W. The ensemble cast includes Paul W. Downs playing Deborah and Ava's long-suffering manager Jimmy, Meg Stalter portraying his inept assistant Kayla, Carl Clemons Hopkins being Deborah's devoted but overworked CEO Marcus, and Mark Indelicato depicting the striving assistant Damian. Season 3 also features an impressive roster of guest stars, although some recurring characters may receive less screen time as a result of the expansive cast.

The production of Season 3 faced its share of challenges, with delays caused by Jean Smart's heart procedure in February 2023 and the subsequent WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Despite these challenges, the cast and crew remain excited about the new season. Hannah Einbinder remarks,"What everyone's doing is hitting a stride at this moment,"highlighting the show's continued growth and evolution.

"Hacks" has already earned an impressive 32 Emmy nominations, with Jean Smart winning back-to-back Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Deborah Vance in 2021 and 2022. Hannah Einbinder, a two-time Emmy nominee and accomplished comedian in her own right, continues to shine as Ava Daniels, bringing depth and nuance to her character's development. Entering its third season, the series continues to showcase the talents of its cast and creative team, delivering sharp wit, emotional depth, and insightful commentary on the entertainment industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Season 3 of "Hacks" premieres on HBO Max on May 2 with 9 episodes.
  • The new season explores Deborah and Ava's complex relationship in the entertainment industry.
  • The show delves into themes of ambition, identity, and work relationships.
  • The cast, including Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder, deliver strong performances.
  • The series has earned 32 Emmy nominations, with Jean Smart winning 2 Emmy Awards.