Hulk's Brutal Kluh Form Overpowers Cosmic Hero Nova

Kluh, the Hulk's most brutal form, battles Nova in a cosmic-level fight, showcasing unparalleled strength and resilience. Nova temporarily subdues Kluh by launching him into space, but Captain America acknowledges it's only a temporary solution.

Aqsa Younas Rana
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Hulk's Brutal Kluh Form Overpowers Cosmic Hero Nova

Hulk's Brutal Kluh Form Overpowers Cosmic Hero Nova

In a stunning display of raw power, theHulk's most brutal form, Kluh, emerged victorious against the cosmic-level hero Nova in a battle that solidified the Hulk's position as the strongest force on Earth. The epic confrontation, which took place in the 2014 comic book issue Nova #23, showcased Kluh's unparalleled strength and resilience.

The story, written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by David Baldeon, unfolds during a potentially world-ending threat, where the Red Skull has weaponized Charles Xavier's telepathy, corrupting most of Earth's heroes, including the Hulk. Kluh, described as "Hulk's Hulk," represents the repressed rage within the Hulk that he constantly struggles to keep at bay to prevent himself from becoming a villain.

As Kluh rampages across the United States, Nova flies in to confront the rage-filled monster, unleashing the full might of his cosmic power. Despite Nova's formidable attacks, including a blast of energy directly into Kluh's brain, the Hulk's brutal form remains barely phased. In a devastating counterattack, Kluh delivers a punch that launches Nova from Arizona to Paris, France, showcasing the immense power gap between the two characters.

After a rematch, Nova manages to temporarily subdue Kluh by launching him into space, technically earning the victory. However, Captain America acknowledges that this measure is only a temporary solution, implying that even the harsh vacuum of space may not be enough to keep the Hulk down for good.

The Hulk has long been recognized as one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, with his strength increasing proportionally to his anger. This storyline takes that concept to new heights, showcasing the Hulk's ability to overpower even cosmic-level heroes like Nova. Kluh's survival of a point-blank blast of cosmic energy to the brain and his resistance to the vacuum of space solidify his position as the strongest force on Earth.

The events of Nova #23 serve as a testament to the Hulk's unrivaled power and the potential consequences of his unchecked rage. As the Marvel Universe continues to expand and evolve, the question remains: who, if anyone, can truly stand against the Hulk's most brutal form?